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About Recharged Commute

Hi, I’m Russel Carson, an e-bike enthusiast who also takes a deep interest in transportation and all the changes we’re seeing in that industry, especially around electric vehicles.

While some of the less common modes of last–mile transport like electric kick scooters and electric mopeds may not come to mind when you think of “electric transport,” they’re quickly becoming a daily part of many people’s lives, especially in urban areas. Since I got my first electric bike, I’ve enjoyed getting deeper into this subject.


Why I Started This Site

I started RechargedCommute partly to start a kind of archive for all the questions I wanted answers for when I first got into electric biking. So, I hope this resource continues to serve that purpose well: to help others get into this hobby and community of electric biking. It’s a truly transformative technology, that can help the right person not have to mess around with a car at all.

On top of that, I’ve found out there’s so much more out there in the world of electric vehicles, and so much change is happening, that there are frankly just a lot of interesting things to talk about. So I hope this website can exist to track some of those things too.