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About ReCharged Commute

About US

ReCharged Commute is a website that provides readers with information on electric vehicles, bikes, scooters, and more. We want to be the best resource for information on anything that has a battery, motor, and can get you from one place to another.

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Our Story

ReCharged Commute was started in mid-2021 with the original goal of providing a lot of information on electric bikes. The popularity of e-bikes has risen drastically over the course of a few years, and we knew the world would have many questions about them.

As we dove deeper into electric bikes, we then wanted to write about all of the different forms of electric commuting vehicles/devices. This includes but is not limited to electric cars, electric scooters, golf carts, and more.

The world is switching to a more superior and environmentally friendly way to commute, electric instead of gasoline, and we want to be a catalyst to that change! We want to make resources so that it’s easy for anyone to research and make an informed decision when making a large purchase or big change in their life.

We appreciate all of our readers and welcome you to contact us if you have any questions or suggestions for articles that we can write!

Our Team

Jonah Matthes

Founder / Editor

Jonah Matthes with his Tesla Model Y - 1024px

Jonah Matthes has been a tech enthusiast for over 10 years and has been working in digital media since 2018.

His enthusiasm for technology is spread across many different facets, such as computers, networking, audio/video, gaming, and more.

He’s been a massive fan of electric cars for many years and had always dreamed of owning one. He purchased a 2022 Tesla Model Y and couldn’t be happier.

This has only improved his ability to research and provide the best electric vehicle content for ReCharged Commute. Read more…

Turner Tomlinson

Founder/ Content Manager / Editor

Turner on bike

Turner Tomlinson purchased his first electric bike (Lectric XP 2.0) during the pandemic and knew he was hooked immediately.

The hobby grew over time into something a lot more compelling to him, and now he loves being able to help other people get into electric biking (especially electric mountain biking).

Turner also writes fiction books in his spare time too, so if you’re interested, you can have a look at his website. While there aren’t any stories about electric bikes in them, oddly, there are some about electric cars.

Aaron Lopex

Contributing Writer

Aarron Lopex profile picture

Aarron Lopex is a freelance writer who has written across many different niches and topics.

While he specializes in health, lifestyle, fashion, and beauty, he has developed a passion for many forms of technology!

Aarron has used writing as a means to expand his freedom and craft. It has allowed him to work with motivated teams, pitch ideas, and gain insight into various industries.

Jonathon Jachura

Contributing Writer

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Jonathon Jachura is a mechanical engineer with over ten years of experience. He is passionate about writing and explaining complex concepts with crisp, concise descriptions that anyone can understand.

He has strong technical skills and loves to create engaging, easy-to-read, and informative content in an exciting way.

In his free time, Jon enjoys road cycling, spending time with his family, and immersing himself in a good book with a strong cup of coffee!