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About Jonah Matthes

Jonah Matthes has been a tech enthusiast for over 10 years and has been working in digital media since 2018. He is a co-founder, writer, and editor here at ReCharged Commute.

Jonah’s enthusiasm for technology is spread across many different facets, such as electric cars, computers, networking, audio/video, gaming, and more.

He’s an avid and passionate writer for several websites, including,, and more. His YouTube channel on consumer technology is a big part of his life as well!

Experience with Electric Cars

2022 Tesla Model Y in Driveway

He’s always been a huge fan of electric cars and had dreamed of owning one since Tesla became mainstream. He was finally able to purchase a 2022 Tesla Model Y and couldn’t be happier! Jonah hasn’t had any issues with it and has even said “it’s the best car I’ve ever driven”.

Owning a Tesla Model Y has only improved his ability to research and provide the best electric vehicle content for ReCharged Commute that he can. He plans to keep it for the foreseeable future with the intent to upgrade in a few years.

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