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What’s The Average Tesla Battery Replacement Cost For Each Model?

Many people have been jumping on the bandwagon of switching to an electric vehicle for environmental and cost-effective reasons. However, since the added cost of yearly maintenance, such as oil changes, are no longer an expense, it leaves people wondering how much it will cost them when the battery to their Tesla needs to be replaced. 

The average cost to replace a Tesla battery varies depending on your model. With the cost including the battery, labor, and fees, you are looking at anywhere from $5,000 to $15,000 for replacement costs. The good news is that a Tesla battery lasts for 300,000-500,000 miles.

Knowing the average cost of replacing a Tesla battery can help you determine whether owning this EV is worth it in the long run. Let’s look at some of the details you will need to know should you ever need to replace a battery on your Tesla.

How Many Years Do Tesla Batteries Last?

Electric car lithium battery pack and power connections

One of the biggest questions asked from those considering purchasing a Tesla is how long the batteries will last. Since the average cost can be pricey, it is essential to understand exactly what you may be looking at. 

Since Tesla has existed, there have not been many words from customers on how much it cost them to replace the battery on their vehicle. This is most likely because the batteries can last a long time and are also covered under warranty for a certain amount of time.

When it comes to how long a Tesla battery will last, you will have to depend on the words of Elon Musk. He states the average battery for a Tesla should last between 300,000 to 500,000 miles. So as you break it down, you may be looking at more than 30 years before you would have to replace the battery.

However, remember that the average American keeps their vehicle for approximately 10-12 years. So even if you invested in a Tesla today, you might never have to face the expense of replacing the battery. This is, of course, considering only the best and most common case scenarios.

Another important note about the number of years it may be before you have to replace the battery on your Tesla is that every situation is unique. This means there is a possibility your Tesla battery could be the victim of a manufacturing defect, so it would have to be replaced sooner. Luckily, this would be covered under your warranty.

How to Tell if Your Tesla Battery Needs to Be Replaced? 

Smartphone app shows charging status of the electric car battery

One of the biggest mysteries when owning and maintaining a vehicle is how to tell when something is going wrong. This is because the average American may be a fan of cars in general but does not know what to look for to determine if something needs to be fixed.

For many standard vehicles, you often do not know that the battery is dying until you go to start your car, and nothing happens. Then, the common sound of the clicking is the only clue that lets you know it is most likely the battery.

In an electric vehicle, such as the Tesla, there are several common signs that your battery is reaching its life’s end. However, if you are paying attention, you can likely get it to the service center before it goes completely dead.

Here are some of the most common signs to look for to determine whether your Tesla battery needs to be replaced:

  • The mileage range drops significantly, sometimes more than 20%
  • More extended amounts of time on a charging station
  • Difficulty holding any charge at all
  • The vehicle notification system says there is a problem with the battery

There are likely more signs that you can look for when determining whether or not the battery on your Tesla needs to be replaced. However, the abovementioned list is enough to start thinking about battery replacement.

Tesla manufacturers have stated that you will not likely have to replace the battery in the lifetime of your ownership of the car. This is because the average battery is said to be able to last upwards of 300,000 miles.

Tesla Battery Replacement Cost Per Model 

Tesla is a red car

It is well known that Elon Musk, Tesla’s CEO, has been highly outspoken about the lifespan and replacement cost of the Tesla battery over the years. He has reportedly stated that the average cost to replace a battery module in a Tesla can be between $5,000 to $7,000.

Most Tesla vehicles have four to five battery modules designed to operate the engine. This means that if you were to replace the battery and need to replace all modules, it could cost you approximately up to $30,000.

The cost of replacing the battery modules on a Tesla can vary depending on your vehicle model. Because the cost can be prohibitive, many people consider this as they are shopping for a new vehicle. 

It is also worth noting that since the lifespan of a Tesla battery can be around 300,000 miles which is the equivalent of about 30 years, there is not much information about the actual cost. This is because many EVs are still on this side of the lifespan averages, so many have not been replaced.

If you are wondering about the cost of a replacement battery for your Tesla and are not sure of the cost, keep reading to learn more.

Tesla Model 3 Battery Replacement Costs

Replacing the battery on your Tesla is unlike replacing the one on your standard gas-powered vehicle. This is because more labor is involved since you are dealing with an entire electrical system. 

Since the replacement can be labor-intensive, it is crucial to understand that Tesla-certified technicians should only do it. Unfortunately, this also means that the labor cost will be more expensive. 

The Tesla Model 3 is said to have four battery modules that are responsible for powering the vehicle as a whole. Therefore, if you have to replace the battery, you will likely have to replace all four modules.

With Elon Musk’s word on the average battery costing between $5,000 to $7,000, this could mean that since the Model 3 has four modules, it could cost you between $20,000 to $28,000. This is, of course, dependent on the cost of the exact battery modules for the model.

Reports from customers who had to replace the battery modules on their Tesla Model 3 vehicle show that the cost was closer to about $13,000. This cost is said to have included labor, parts, and other fees.

Tesla Model S Battery Replacement Costs

Like the Model 3, there are few reports showing various costs for those who have had to replace their Tesla Model S battery. This is because the lifespan of the batteries has not yet been reached.

There are still some situations where customers have had to replace the battery for various reasons. Unfortunately, many of these reasons were due to a manufacturing defect that caused the battery to die before its average guarantee.

If the battery’s life is still within the warranty, you will likely not know how much the replacement cost could be. This is mainly because your repairs are covered under warranty, and therefore service centers are not likely to give you an itemized list of costs.

With that being said, Tesla repair centers have estimated that the average cost of the battery modules alone for the Model S is about $13,000. Keep in mind that this is the cost of the battery modules only.

Because the Tesla is a fully electric vehicle, you are looking at not only the battery replacement but other parts that go into making the switch effective. These parts may include wiring and various connectors that can increase the price.

Considering all these things, you are likely looking at an average cost of the battery, replacement parts, and labor of about $15,000. This, of course, does not include any complications that may occur during the replacement process.

When you break down the estimated costs, here is what you may be facing:

  • Battery module: $13,000
  • Labor: $500 (on average)
  • Additional parts: $200
  • Other fees and taxes: $1,000 (or less)

Tesla Model X Battery Replacement Costs

When considering the average cost of battery replacement for your Tesla Model X, you may be able to compare it to the cost of the Model S. This is because the battery modules are said to be somewhat similar.

It is important to note that Tesla’s goal is to make the world of vehicles more efficient and cost-effective. Because of this, they often use remanufactured batteries in a sort of battery swapping process. 

If a vehicle comes in for a battery replacement, they are more likely to use a battery module from another engine that has been fully restored. This can save not only time but money from your pocketbook.

This means that if the average cost of a brand new battery is $13,500 or more, a remanufactured version can average slightly less. Therefore, this battery module will likely cost you about $13,000, saving you a lot.

As you also factor in the cost of various parts used to replace the Tesla battery and labor, you may be looking at the cost of around $15,000 or more. But, of course, this cost can depend on whether or not there are complications with the battery itself.

The breakdown of the costs is estimated here:

  • Cost of remanufactured battery: $13,000
  • Labor and fees: $500
  • Additional parts and wiring: $200
  • Other fees and taxes: between $200-$1,000

Tesla Model Y Battery Replacement Costs

When it comes to the battery replacement costs for the Tesla Model Y, there are not many reports out there. This is mainly because the model is the newest and is still within its lifespan guarantees and limits.

Barring any manufacturing defect in the Tesla Model Y battery module, you will likely not have to replace it for many years. This means you can enjoy your Model Y Tesla’s sleek ride for many miles and years.

According to manufacturing reports, the Tesla Model Y is said to have a battery module similar to the Model 3 Tesla. Therefore, to get an estimate of battery replacement costs for this model, you can start your research with the Model 3.

As previously mentioned, Tesla service centers are adamant about using remanufactured batteries when they replace them. This can save time and money for you and the service center, making a huge difference.

Since, in most cases, you can get the battery module for an estimated $12,000, once you average in cost of labor, replacement parts, and other fees and taxes, you may be looking at close to between $13,000 to $14,000.

Here is the breakdown of estimated costs for the Tesla Model Y battery:

  • Cost of battery: $12,000
  • Labor: $500
  • Replacement parts and wiring: $200
  • Additional fees and taxes: $500

Are Tesla Battery Replacements Covered Under Warranty? 

Like most vehicle manufacturers, Tesla offers warranties designed to offset some of the costs associated with repairs and maintenance. The scope of the warranty can be dependent on the model of the Tesla. However, they are mostly similar.

The average estimated battery lifespan of 300,000 miles is not the same as the warranty. Unfortunately, your warranty is likely to run out before you have to replace the battery modules, so you will likely have to pay out of pocket.

Tesla battery replacements are covered under warranty regarding manufacturing defects and battery degradation over time. However, you need to know that the warranty for most Tesla models is not as long as you think.

The warranty for most Tesla vehicles is said to be eight years or 150,000 miles and includes the cost of battery replacement for most situations. If you are within this time frame and your battery dies, Tesla will replace it at no charge.

Final Thoughts on the Average Tesla Battery Replacement Cost

The bottom line regarding the average Tesla battery replacement cost is that it is not a cheap expense. However, this should be considered as you search for your first EV from Tesla.

However, there is a light at the end of the tunnel, knowing that Tesla stands behind their word that the battery will not likely have to be replaced within the vehicle’s lifetime since the average battery for the Tesla is said to last approximately 30 years.