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Are Electric Motorcycles Lighter & Faster Than Gas Motorcycles?

Many people love motorcycles but also want something a bit different. Electric motorcycles are becoming increasingly popular due to their energy efficiency and lower environmental impact. But are they lighter and faster than gas motorcycles? 

Electric motorcycles are lighter than gas ones and have faster acceleration. An electric motorcycle will go much faster, from 0-60 mph, than a gas motorcycle. They are also more energy efficient, easier to maintain, and most have decent torque and load-carrying capacity. 

So, how do manual and electric motorcycles compare in terms of weight, speed, and other factors? Read on to find out. 

Are Electric Motorcycles Lighter Than Manual Motorcycles? 

Boy on an electric motorcycle.

Electric motorcycles are significantly lighter than manual motorcycles since they don’t have large gas tanks or heavy engines. As a result, even larger electric motorcycles will weigh significantly lesser than smaller manual or gas motorcycles. 

The lighter weight directly affects the motorcycle’s energy consumption, which is why electric motorcycles use much less energy than similar manual ones. In electric motorcycles, the battery takes up the bulk of the motorcycle’s weight. As a result, they don’t carry heavy fuel tanks and have fewer engine parts. 

Manual motorcycles, on the other hand, weigh much more. The heavy engine is designed to handle high temperatures in a combustion environment and needs to be made from heavier metal to withstand the heat. There are also more supporting parts, like the chain, gearbox, and other parts. 

Lastly, manual motorcycles must carry fuel tanks that weigh more when they’re full. Average manual motorcycles can hold between 2-8 gallons of fuel when the tank is full, and this doesn’t consider the actual weight of the tank. 

Most of the extra weight on a manual motorcycle supports the combustion engine, which is why electric motorcycles are so much lighter. 

Are Electric Motorcycles Faster Than Manuals?

Electric motorcycles have faster acceleration than manuals because they reach their maximum torque instantly. You also don’t have to use a gear system to build speed with an electric motorcycle, which gives it an advantage in terms of how quickly it reaches its maximum speed. 

However, electric motorcycles are still slower than the fastest manual ones since they have the advantage when they reach higher gears. So, if you’re looking at acceleration (what most bike enthusiasts consider), an electric motorcycle may be surprisingly faster than most manuals. 

However, if you’re looking at top speed, then manuals still have a slight advantage. While faster electric motorcycles are being developed, the ones already available don’t go at a snail’s pace either! 

Are Electric Motorcycles Better Than Manuals?

Electric motorcycles are better than manuals regarding energy efficiency, acceleration, maintenance, and many other factors. They are also easier to drive and don’t have a heavy engine sound. However, they are more expensive and must be used regularly to maintain the battery’s charge. 

Some of the reasons why electric motorcycles are better than manuals include the following: 

Cost Effectiveness 

While you’ll likely find a manual motorcycle cheaper than most electric ones, electric motorcycles are more cost-effective in the long run. This is because they use less energy and will drive much further per dollar spent on electricity compared to the distance you can drive a manual motorcycle per dollar of gas. 

In the long run, these savings can be significant. 

Environmentally Friendliness  

While electric motorcycles do produce carbon emissions due to electricity being predominantly produced by fossil fuel combustion, electric motorcycles still produce much less carbon emission per mile. They’re also more environmentally friendly than electric cars. 

Low Maintenance 

While replacing the battery is expensive, electric motorcycles have effectively less maintenance than manual ones. No engine oil or filters to change, and it doesn’t have parts exposed to high temperatures that may get damaged easily. 

Electric Motorcycles Are Easier to Drive 

Manual motorcycles take time to learn, especially if you’ve never used the gear system before. However, electric motorcycles are much easier to handle, and you only have to focus on speed control and brakes. This makes them ideal for beginners. 

Things to Think About Before Buying an Electric Motorcycle

Electric scooter with charging station

Just like with manual motorcycles, there is a wide range of electric motorcycles. Some are more suited for daily inner-city commutes, while others have better torque and can even be used for racing. 

Here are some things to consider before buying an electric motorcycle: 

  • Torque: This is a measure of the motor’s power. Higher torque means the motorcycle will have better acceleration. 
  • Power: Electric motorcycles usually have less power than manuals, which means they use less energy. If you want an energy-efficient motorcycle, choose one with a lower power rating. 
  • Load Capacity: The load capacity is how much the electric motorcycle can carry without sacrificing performance. Look for something with enough but not excessive load capacity. 


Monday 22nd of January 2024

Electric motorcycles are significantly lighter than manual motorcycles since they don’t have large gas tanks or heavy engines. As a result, even larger electric motorcycles will weigh significantly lesser than smaller manual or gas motorcycles.

Turner Tomlinson, you have not the slightest idea what your talking about

Zero Z-FORCE 17.3 Curb weight 544 LBS Electric Motorcycle Harley Davidson livewire Curb weight 562 LBS Electric Motorcycle

honda cbr600rr Curb weight 434LBS Gas powered Yamaha R1 Curb Weight 439 LBS Gas powered

You did not do any kind of research and just pulling numbers out of your ass. All electric motorcycles that are equivalent to a 500 cc gas powered motorcycle will weigh 100 to 150 lbs more. Google is your best friend, use it. (PS I bet you've never rode a motorcycle before in your life and this article proves it