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Add Battery Capacity or Buy A Second Battery For Your Scooter?

Perhaps you’re considering adding a second battery to your trusty electric scooter. After all, who wouldn’t? A second battery could bring more speed, range, and a better safety net during long commutes, and it stands to reason that you may be able to simple wire them up together and just use a second battery to add capacity to your existing scooter. However, the process of installing a second battery isn’t exactly a cake walk.

If you don’t have prior experience or training, trying to add battery capacity to your electric scooter battery yourself isn’t the best idea. Lithium-ion batteries are not DIY friendly. However, adding a second battery as a spare can increase the range, speed, and lifespan of your scooter.

If you’re considering adding a second battery, be sure to read up on the process first to make sure it’s doable. Chances are you won’t end up with a burnt-down house or missing limbs, but the risks are real and should be factored in accordingly. Let’s take a look at how it works so you can judge for yourself.

Benefits of Adding a Second Battery to Your Electric Scooter

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Adding a second battery to your electric scooter can be a tough procedure. The process isn’t very beginner-friendly and takes a bit of elbow grease. However, you’ll receive some excellent benefits if you can successfully add a secondary battery to your electric scooter, either by manually installing it or simply squiring a spare battery.

More Range

The most appealing part of a secondary battery is the extended range. With two batteries, you can potentially double your effective capacity. This will allow you to travel further distances for more extended periods of time. You should consider two batteries if you have an exceptionally long commute for work or school.

Fewer Charge Cycles

Charge cycles are one of the main enemies of electric scooter batteries. Each time you fully discharge and charge an electric scooter battery, you reduce its lifespan. With two batteries, you can spread this burden across both of them, effectively doubling their shelf life in the process.

A Safety Net

You have a better safety net with two electric scooter batteries. If you forgot to charge your primary battery before work, you have another one ready to go. If you’re in the middle of a commute and one battery dies or goes on the fritz, you’re still covered by your spare.

Dual Charging

With two batteries, you open yourself up to the option of dual charging. Dual charging is exactly what it sounds like; charging both batteries at the same time. This enables you to have at least one battery charged and ready to go, even if the other one has less juice.

Less Charge Time Per Battery

Two electric scooter batteries can effectively cut your charge time in half. If you only have one oversized battery, you’ll have to wait longer for it to completely charge and won’t be able to ride until it’s done. Two smaller batteries will have shorter charge times, which can help you out when you’re in a rush.

How to Add a Second Battery to Your Electric Scooter

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Adding a second battery to your electric scooter directly isn’t for the faint of heart. As we mentioned, the process can be complex and challenging. Furthermore, lithium-ion batteries aren’t something to play around with; they can result in fire, explosion, injury, or death if handled improperly.

If you’re still gunning for a second battery, here’s a rough guide to get you familiar with what to expect. Keep in mind you’ll need to know the specifications of your electric scooter model before you can begin.

  1. Measure the voltage of your battery cells using a digital multimeter (on Amazon). Ensure they’re around the same rate.
  2. Snap together your battery kit, following the directions provided.
  3. Insert your lithium-ion batteries (on Amazon) according to the positive and negative indicators.
  4. Push the two halves of your battery kit together, locking it in place.
  5. Use an electric voltmeter (on Amazon) to ensure you can still read the batteries.
  6. Afterward, attach the bus bars from your battery kit following the directions provided. Use a wire clamp on the last two cells.
  7. Attach your BMS to the battery cells following all instructions provided.
  8. You can add zip-ties (on Amazon) to ensure the battery is held together. You can also add a bit of foam (on Amazon) around the battery pack to further protect it.
  9. Wrap the battery pack in your heat shrink wrap (on Amazon).
  10. Using either a heat gun (on Amazon) or a hairdryer, seal the heat shrink.
  11. Attach the battery to your scooter; you can use a bag, velcro, or zip-ties. Be sure it’s locked tightly in place.
  12. Before you connect the battery to your scooter, ensure the batteries are at the same voltage and fully charged.

This is a very rough guide on how to add a secondary battery to your electric scooter. There are other ways you can add battery packs to your scooter.

Keep in mind that lithium-ion batteries can be dangerous if mishandled. It’s sometimes best to leave these things to the professionals if you don’t have the prior experience necessary.

Tools You Will Need

Here are some of the tools we mentioned above. We recommend using a battery kit to start off if you don’t have prior experience with lithium-ion battery packs. Using a battery kit will simplify the process and be more beginner-friendly.

Keep in mind that you may need more tools than the ones we mentioned. Your project may require wire cutters, screwdrivers, pliers, etc. It’s also a good idea to keep a fire extinguisher and other safety equipment on hand. For further instructions, you might want to invest in a How-To Book (on Amazon) to better understand the basics.

As always, practice the best safety measures before beginning. Lithium-ion batteries can be dangerous and potentially fatal if handled improperly. If you don’t have prior experience in this field, you may be better off paying a professional.

Jyoti bharti

Tuesday 3rd of October 2023