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Are E-Bikes Just For Old People?

At some point, the idea spread that e-bikes are designed especially for the elderly. But, is this really the case? I mean, what kind of athletic and youthful person would need help while riding a bicycle, right?

Electric bikes aren’t just meant for old people! Riders of all ages can benefit from the savings, extended ranges, and effective yet gentle exercise E-Bikes can provide. Older riders may benefit additionally from them due to safer commutes, easier exercise, and increased well-being.

If you’re reluctant to get an e-bike because you think people will judge you for having one, then know that that idea is just plain ridiculous! Simultaneously, if you’re an older individual looking to purchase an e-bike, then know that you’ll be in good hands. This article will cover how everyone can benefit from e-bikes and give bike recommendations for older riders.

Are E-Bikes Just for Old People?

Active senior man with electrobike standing outdoors on a road in nature

There is this stigma that exists around e-bikes and who they’re meant for. Some riders may associate e-bikes with the elderly, as they may think “what kind of fit and young person would need a bike with pedal-assist?”

This, however, is an outdated stereotype, and actually, people of all ages can benefit in a way from electric bikes. Let’s look at some possible advantages!

Extended Travel Range

One of the largest advantages of electric bikes is the potential for extending your travel range. The added motor and battery on e-bikes allow for faster, longer, and overall more efficient traveling.

Consumer-level e-bikes can have increased ranges from 35-80 miles, before factoring in the possible added speed from pedaling. This extended travel radius could of course benefit everyone; from city commuters to mountain bikers.


Another way people can benefit from electric bikes is the possible savings. Compared to traditional and electric cars, e-bikes can save you quite a bit.

Every time you commute with an e-bike over a car, you’ll be spending less, when considering things like car insurance and fuel costs, etc. These savings will add up over the long run and can make e-bikes a profitable investment.

Additional Exercise

To top it all off, every e-bike user will be getting a good amount of exercise. E-bikes have pedal-assist systems, allowing you to put in some of the work when riding. This added cardio will benefit riders from all age groups. Not to mention, it’s a delightful way to get outdoors and stay active without sweating too much!

Electric bikes are still a relatively new product, and these are just some of the benefits riders can experience. All age groups will enjoy e-bikes, but the senior and elderly population may be able to get the most out of this budding technology.

How Do Seniors and The Elderly Benefit From E-Bike Use?

As we’ve discussed, e-bikes can benefit all riders, but the senior and elderly population will find unique additional advantages with this technology. E-bikes give older individuals a safer way to travel, a good form of exercise, an increase in well-being, and more!

Safer Commutes

E-bikes can provide older individuals with safer commuting options. Due to various ailments, older people tend to suffer from, it’s no secret that driving can be a bit more of a challenge for the eldery. So some of the elderly population may not be comfortable using cars but may still be able to ride an e-bike.

E-bikes, bike lanes, and bike paths can provide these seniors with a safer form of travel. Tricycle models can be even safer and reduce the risks of falling or crashing.

Increased Fitness

Long gone are the days of walking with five-pound weights for exercise purposes! Electric bikes are a great form of exercise for seniors, as much as any other age. E-bikes, e-tricycles, and other vehicles offer a unique way to exercise without going overboard. In some cases, the activity from e-bikes can be comparable to that of traditional bicycles.

That being said, while e-bike riding is typically safer and less work, riders will still need a helmet! You can find stylish entry-level helmets (on Amazon) in all kinds of colors. However, if you want something a bit more specialized, you can opt for brands like Giro (on Amazon) or Smith (also on Amazon).

Increased Well-Being

Who doesn’t love feeling the breeze rush through their hair? The exhilaration, and the freedom? Electric bikes can provide senior citizens and less mobile individuals with all these benefits to increase their general well-being.

The throttle system can offer the speed and power you may not get from a conventional bicycle. Plus, the extended range of an e-bike can give you a higher sense of independence and options.

And More!

There are a ton of excellent benefits to electric bikes, such as all the possible accessories. With baskets (on Amazon), racks (also on Amazon), and bags (on amazon), you can carry more and even run errands with ease. Electric bikes are easily customizable, offering you new ways to tinker and experiment with them. You can also join your local community of riders, and even across the world, via forums or groups!

What’s the Best E-Bike for Seniors?

A senior couple with electrobikes cycling outdoors on a road in park in autumn

Seniors and less mobile individuals will have different considerations and priorities when purchasing an electric bike. They need to consider the frame, motor type, and motor size when choosing an e-bike model.


Electric bikes with low step-through designs and “swooping” frames are best suited for older riders. These frames provide more accessibility, with easy mounting, dismounting, and braking.

One bike to consider is the ANCHEER City Electric Bike (on amazon). This bike has both a low step-through and swooping frame design. On top of that, the motor is sufficiently robust for an older rider. It also has a throttle system that is suitable for older riders.

Motor Type/Wattage

Another point to take into account is the motor type and wattage. Older riders are typically going to want less powerful hub drive motors for easier mobility and more control. 

One good example is the RadRunner Plus– a well-designed step-thru e-bike with a very powerful motor. 250-350 watt motors will be best for older riders. This power range gives you decent speed but allows for consistent control and maneuverability.

However, if you are shopping for something more powerful, you should check out the ST 2021 by ENVO. This e-bike is incredibly well priced. It comes with a higher-powered 500 watt rear motor, so be wary of the power it can kick out. The frame is not only stylish but ergonomic as well.

The whole seat, frame, fork, and suspension of the ST 2021 make it an incredibly comfortable riding experience.

Electric Trike Recommendation

As a bonus, our recommendation for an electric trike would be the Addmotor Motan M-330 (on amazon). With tricycles, there’s far less risk of falling and crashing. 

With the 350lb max load and throttle, this trike can carry all your cargo and get you from A to B with sufficient speed. On top of that, the 40-55 mile range will allow you to travel around your city with ease and comfort.

These are some of our recommendations if you’re a senior citizen, an individual facing mobility issues, or looking to purchase an electric bike for someone within these categories. When choosing the right option, don’t forget to consider the frame, motor type, and motor speed.

Other factors to consider will be if the bike has a throttle, the weight, and the range. With all these in mind, you should be able to find the perfect riding companion!