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The Best Accessories For E-Bikes: Here’s What You Should Get!

Electric bikes have an incredible amount of customizability and personalization. The options are nearly endless, from electrical upgrades to water bottle holders to GPS trackers. So, what are the best accessories for electric bikes?

Practical accessories like an extra battery, a repair kit, or a GPS tracker can increase your bike’s range and lifespan, and bike upgrades like a new saddle or tires can improve your riding experience. If you want to make your e-bike safer, consider buying a new helmet, mirrors, or a first-aid kit.

With all the accessory options on the market, it can be hard to begin. However, choosing the right accessories will positively impact your commute and performance. Here are the best electric bike accessories you should consider!

What Are the Best E-Bike Accessories?

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The amount of customizability is one of the most significant advantages of owning an electric bike. Electric bike accessories allow you to personalize your ride while adding convenience. Not to mention, some of these accessories can increase your bike’s performance.

Extra Battery

Spare batteries are potentially one of the greatest accessories you can buy for your bike. Spare batteries can effectively double your range, allowing you to get more out of your e-bike.

On top of that, extra batteries can prolong the lifespan of your initial battery. Some e-bike models use universal batteries and controllers. You can find universal electric bike batteries (On Amazon) at very affordable prices.

Alternatively, you can buy spare batteries through your bike’s manufacturer. OEM batteries tend to be pricier, but the peace of mind from knowing you’re getting a quality product is well worth it.

Bike Repair Kit

Bike repair kits are vital to owning a bicycle, electric or not. Bikes require regular maintenance and care. Going to your local bike shop is convenient but maybe less than affordable.

Learning to do your own maintenance can be incredibly cost-effective.

This 23 Piece Bike Tool Kit (On Amazon) is perfect for most riders. With this kit, you’ll get basic necessities like hex keys and screwdrivers. You’ll also receive bike-specific tools, such as chain rivet extractors and freewheel turners.

Alternatively, if you need something budget-friendly, there are very cheap tool kits (on Amazon).

GPS Trackers

High angle shot of a cyclist adjusting his bike s GPS

We all know electric bikes aren’t cheap. E-bikes can cost a modest $500 to well over $5,000. Having your e-bike stolen is something none of us should ever have to experience. GPS trackers can help prevent theft or help you locate a stolen bicycle.

You can find different GPS Trackers (on Amazon), usually under $50. However, GPS trackers are highly personal and specific. For that reason, we recommend doing your due diligence and shopping around.

Some GPS Trackers require subscription services, mobile apps, and other requirements. Be sure to find a GPS Tracker that is compatible with your ride and lifestyle.

Bike Lock

Speaking of theft- do you have a high-quality bike lock? Bike locks are your first line of defense when it comes to theft and robberies. Having a robust, high-quality bike lock is a must for any electric bike owner.

If you can afford it, we recommend purchasing a U-Lock (on Amazon). These locks are designed to keep your bike safe and secured. Alternatively, Steel-O-Flex Locks (on Amazon) are another excellent choice. Before buying a bike lock, be sure it’s compatible with your e-bike model.

Flat Pedals

One feature we can’t neglect is bike pedals. Bike pedals change the flow of your ride and commute significantly. Clipless pedals may add varying degrees of efficiency and control, but most casual riders find them limiting.

Flat pedals allow you to tackle steep hills and rough terrain with ease. With flat pedals, your feet aren’t locked into the bike pedals. This allows greater comfort, accessibility, and easy dismounting. You’ll notice more speed on downhill runs with flat pedals as well.

Pedals are going to be majorly model-specific. It’s best to go through your bike’s manufacturer or ask which brands are compatible.

Best E-Bike Upgrades

There is an incredible amount of possibilities and opportunities when it comes to upgrading your electric bike. You can upgrade your bike’s saddle for more comfort. Or, you can change out the tires to tackle the backcountry! Here are some of the best electric bike upgrades to consider.


Choosing a new e-bike saddle is going to depend solely on preference and comfort. What you prefer may be different than someone else. However, choosing the right saddle will change your commute for the better.

Trusted brands like Lectric have entire saddle packages for their electric bikes. Alternatively, you can find other options (on Amazon), varying in price. Always be sure you’re accessories and upgrades are compatible with you’re e-bike model before purchasing!


One upgrade to consider is changing out your bike’s tires. Electric bike tires tend to be more robust and of greater quality than traditional cycles. However, upgrading your tires can be incredibly beneficial to your ride.

Different tires serve different purposes. If you’re doing more off-roading, you will want mountain bike tires with greater degrees of tread. On the flip side, if you’re a city commuter, you may want something more slick and aerodynamic.

Clothing & Shoes

Cyclists don’t dress the way they do because it’s fashionable. The clothing and shoes you wear when you ride will significantly impact your experience. From bike shorts to shoes, each article of clothing matters.

A high-quality pair of bike shorts (on Amazon) will give you a greater sense of comfort while you’re out and about. Moisture-wicking bike socks (on Amazon) will prevent blisters and discomfort.

The perfect cycling shoe will depend on your commute, lifestyle, and preferences. For a more detailed guide, check out REI for a trustworthy source!

How to Change the Governor on My Ebike

Nearly all electric bikes come with a governor or speed limiter. Governors and speed limiters restrict the top speed of an electric bike and are accessed through the LCD screen. These components are installed for the safety of the rider. However, changing the governor can net you gains in speed.

Depending on your Electric bikes classification, it will either stop providing motor assistance at 20mph or 28mph. Modifying your governor allows you to reach higher top speeds.

One way to modify your speed limiter is to change your wheel size on your bike’s control panel. Adjusting the wheel size to something smaller gives the limiter the impression you are using a smaller wheelbase. The limiter will then overcompensate, providing you with more power.

Alternatively, you can cut out the governor wire that’s connected to your speed controller. Be warned; this will ruin any warranty you have and potentially damage your bike.

Other Ways to Increase E-Bike Speed

There are other ways to increase your electric bike’s speed besides changing or removing the governor. The terrain you’re riding on, as well as your bike’s weight and wheel size, all affect your speed.


The weight of the rider, bike, or any gear being transported will affect the speed of an electric bike. Lighter frames are often more desirable because of this reason. This is also why it’s recommended to reduce what you carry on your commute.


Traveling up hills or through rough terrain affects the overall speed of your electric bike as well. A bike traveling on a straight flat surface will go much faster than one going uphill. If you can avoid rough terrain or hills, your bike will surely go faster.

Wheel Size

The wheel size of your electric bike is also essential to its overall speed. Wheels sized at 26 inches are the optimal range for e-bikes. This range allows you to handle rougher terrain, speed bumps, and potholes without losing momentum or balance.

Pedaling Harder

Using your own body’s power is another way to increase your e-bikes speed. Be sure you’re using pedal-assist and actively pedaling throughout your commute for the best results. Not only does pedaling give you extra speed, but it saves your battery life and is a good workout as well!

Additionally, upgrading your electric bike’s motor and the battery can also increase its speed. You should also be regularly servicing your e-bike. For the best results, do routine maintenance checks and bring them into your local bike shop bi-yearly.

What Are the Best Safety Accessories for E-Bikes?

We’re like OSHA around these parts- safety is our number one concern! Riding a bike can be dangerous. Drivers may not notice cyclists resulting in accidents and injuries. For these reasons, we believe every rider should invest in high-quality safety accessories for their electric bike.


Did you know bike helmets can reduce head injury by 60-80%? Bike helmets are essential whether you’re traveling long distances or just to the corner store—helmets vary in price, quality, and comfort.

We recommend the Zacro Lightweight Adult Bike Helmet (on Amazon) for a budget-friendly option. A step above the Zacro would be the Giro Fixture Adult Dirt Cycling Helmet (on Amazon). Finally, if you need something ponytail compatible, look no further than the Giro Syntax Adult Road Bike Helmet (on Amazon).


Many electric bikes come without mirrors. This may not be a problem for the casual commuter. However, those traveling to work or long distances should invest in a pair of high-quality bike mirrors.

We recommend the Hafny E13 Mirror (on Amazon) for something a bit larger. Check out the MEACHOW Scratch Resistant Handlebar Bike Mirror (on Amazon) for something on the smaller side. Be sure these parts are compatible with your e-bikes make and model before purchasing.

Bike Lights & Reflectors

Reflectors are another everyday safety feature riders forget about. However, these features are vital for safe commutes during the night. Most drivers can only react to something in the road within 1.5-2 seconds. If a reflector can add any additional seconds, it’s well worth the investment!

You can find attachable bike reflectors (on Amazon) for under $25. Or, you can opt-in for a reflective vest. You can find options ranging from $60 to under $15. Alternatively, there are great DIY options, such as reflective tape (on Amazon).

First-Aid Kits

We couldn’t include a list of safety accessories without one of the holy grails; a first-aid kit. First-aid kits and roadside bags offer a variety of tools when you’re in a pinch. These products give you peace of mind when you’re out on the town.

You can find bike-specific first-aid kits like JOAN’s Saddle Bag (on Amazon). Alternatively, you can opt for even smaller kits (on Amazon) for more excellent transportability.

Water Bottle Holders

Wrestling around with your water bottle while cruising is a recipe for disaster. Luckily, we have water bottle holders to solve this issue. There are a ton of water bottle holders on the market, so be sure it’s compatible with your e-bike before purchasing.

There are highly versatile options, such as the Any Bottle Cage (on Amazon). You can also find lightweight water bottle holders meant for sports, like the ThinkTop Ultra-Light Water Bottle Cage (on Amazon). It’s important to note, low-step through bike frames are not compatible with water bottle holders. As always, check with your manufacturer before purchasing!

Best Storing Accessories for my Ebike

Properly storing and transporting your electric bike is just as important as any other maintenance requirement. Bike racks, bags, and more allow you to transport your ride without damaging it.

When purchasing a bike rack, be sure it can handle the weight of your e-bike model. Electric bikes are notoriously heavier than traditional bicycles. Brands like QuietKat have robust bike racks rated at 225lbs, allowing you to haul multiple electric bikes. You can find other bike racks (on Amazon) online, but these may not hold as much weight.

Bike bags (on Amazon) are another great storage accessory to look into. Bicycle bags allow you to easily transport your items from point A to B. You can find different bike bags online, including rear packs and frame bags. Ibera’s Commuter Rear Bag (on Amazon) is an excellent choice for most riders, while the WOTOW Frame Bag (on Amazon) will be best suited for those with less to carry.

As always, be sure your accessories are compatible with your electric bike model before purchasing. Some models may not work with certain supplements or features, so it’s best to check beforehand.

All these tools, accessories, and features will add comfort and efficiency to your ride! If you want more speed, look for motor and battery upgrades. If you’re searching for higher degrees of safety, look for high-quality helmets and reflectors. Whatever you’re looking for, there’s a product for you.