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Can Kids Ride An E-Bike? Age Limits And Safety Precautions

You have a terrific time riding your E-bike to work, on excursions, or just to get some exercise. If you have children, you’ve probably noticed how enviously they’ve watched you hop on your e-bike and ride around. If not your children, perhaps the children of your neighbors or relatives. So, can children legally ride E-bikes?

In most areas, there are legal restrictions in place to protect children riding E-Bikes. In the US, for example, riders under 18 must wear a helmet by law. E-Bikes are safe for children to ride as long as they take safety precautions. Parents might limit their children to an E-Bike with a lower top speed.

We’ll highlight the legal criteria for youngsters riding e-bikes in a few different areas of the world. This post will discuss how safe e-bikes are for kids, why most are made specifically for adults, and some of the possible advantages of allowing children to ride e-bikes. We’ll also make some recommendations for good e-bike choices for children. Find all this info and more below!

E-Bike Age Limits in Different Countries

Girl riding a foldable e-bike in a Port

E-bikes are defined differently in various nations; so naturally, the laws and regulations also differ. We’ll look at how many countries have addressed the issue of children riding e-bikes, and the laws surrounding this.


In eight provinces in Canada, electric-power-assisted bicycles are allowed to be used. However, they are limited to a speed of 32km/hr on motor power alone and 500W output.

The age limit varies in the various Canadian provinces, but the law consistently emphasizes that using a helmet is necessary. Liability insurance and e-bike licenses or registrations are optional in some states.

They have also clearly stated that e-bike riders must be 12 years and above. However, if the e-bike exceeds 50km/hr, the user should be 16 years and above and own a Class 5 driver’s license.

Kids are also not allowed to ride on highways or expressways but can ride on roads and sidewalks that are not so busy.


In Australia, the e-bike has been defined as a bicycle with an auxiliary motor with a maximum power output that should not exceed 250W. Using an e-bike doesn’t require specific registration or licensing.

Australia has six provinces, and all have the same laws for e-bikes except for the age limits. Some regions state that the kid riders should be above 12 years, while others say they should be above 16.

Wearing a helmet is a must, and avoid riding on footpaths as that may earn you a fine. A kids’ e-bike should have a rear and front light. It should also have a horn, and at least one operational brake.


The European Union directive defines an e-bike as a bicycle with pedal assistance and an electric motor at 0.25kW power. The speed should not exceed 25km/hr.

While you do not need a license, the age allowed for kids to ride e-bikes is 14 years and above. The laws also state that the e-bike does not need to be taxed, insured, or registered. These rules, however, do not apply if you are in Northern Ireland.

As much as kids are okay to ride e-bikes when they reach 14 years of age, some requirements must be met. One of the requirements is that the speed must not exceed 15.5 mph and motor power of more than 250W. Kids are not allowed to ride on pavements; however, they can ride on bridleways or on private land.

United States

In the United States, 44 states define e-bikes, whereas 11 states do not. Depending on the classifications, most places use a three-tiered system to define an e-bike.

The most unifying aspect is that the speed limit should be between 20-28 miles per hour. The age limit is limited to between 14-16 years, depending on the state. Most states also dictate that anyone less than 18 years should wear a helmet while riding.

In some states, electric bikes can go anywhere traditional bikes are allowed. But you are advised to check specifically where usage is legal.

How Safe is E-Bike Riding for Kids?

Allowing your youngster to ride an e-bike is safe if you have taught them how to ride safely. To ensure that your child rides safely, there are a few things you should do and a few things to avoid.

Let them learn how to ride a traditional bike first. 

There are several reasons why teaching your child to ride a traditional bicycle first is the safest option. Operating an e-bike will be pretty difficult for someone starting to ride for the first time. They can quickly get overwhelmed and even grow to despise riding.

Even for a toddler, a regular bicycle is quite easy to learn to ride and handle. If you’ve already purchased an e-bike for your child though, train them to ride it without using the engine initially.

They should wear safety gear.

This should be the golden rule for any child who wants to ride any bike of any kind, whether it’s a regular bike or an electric one. Helmets should be worn at all times to keep their heads safe. There are a few nice ones on Amazon, such as this SIFVO Kids Bike Helmet (on Amazon).

If they fall, they may injure their joints. As a result, it is recommended that they wear the following:

Avoid letting them tamper with the battery.

Children have an insatiable need to learn new things. Your child might be tempted to open up the battery of the e-bike to explore what’s inside. This should be discouraged. It may cause the bike to malfunction, resulting in a serious accident.

Damaged batteries can cause fires, in addition to causing the bike to fail. It’s a good idea to warn your child about the dangers of messing with the batteries. Before and after each ride, make sure to check the battery yourself to ensure your child’s safety.

Class 1 e-bikes are the safest

Class 1 e-bikes have a motor speed limit of 20 MPH and only use pedal-activated motor assist. This means the actual power output of the motor is low.

The low pedal-assist mode won’t provide as much power or acceleration; hence is a generally safer choice. You should encourage your kid to use only this mode, as they will have a smoother ride. Using high power can cause jerky movements and will be harder to control.

Why Are E-Bikes Mostly Designed for Adults?

Family With Child In Trailer Riding Mountain Bikes

The majority of the e-bikes created are geared toward adults rather than children. Many manufacturers create e-bikes only for adults rather than children for various reasons.

The following are some of the possible reasons for this:

  • E-bikes for kids are short-term: Most kids will outgrow their e-bikes quickly. As children are still in the process of growing, the expectation is that their height will probably change after several months. Most parents will not be willing to buy a new e-bike every year to keep up with their child’s growth. This would be incredibly expensive and wasteful.
  • E-bikes are very expensive to manufacture: With all the components required to make an e-bike, the cost becomes high. E-bikes need a braking system, specialized drivetrains, and a motor. So you can imagine the additional cost of trying to customize one to fit a kid’s requirements. Manufacturing a traditional bike is way much cheaper than making an e-bike.
  • Finding the right performance balance can be tricky: Due to an e-bike’s high motor power, finding the perfect fit for your child can be difficult. Your child may struggle to control the e-bike if the engine power is too high.

There really won’t be much difference between a traditional bike and an e-bike when using low motor power.

Kids also generally don’t like to play with complicated machines for long, so the e-bike may be abandoned quickly once the novelty has worn off. So in the end it may just be a financial loss.

Best E-Bike Types for Children

You may be wondering where you can acquire a good e-bike for your child if you’ve warmed up to the idea. There are e-bikes designed exclusively for children on the market. You’ll also be relieved to learn that they’re secure, manageable, and appropriate for their age and size.

Make sure you measure your child’s height before purchasing a bike for them. This ensures that the frame will fit them perfectly. You won’t have to worry about your shorter child having to use a bike designed for taller children, and struggling to put their feet on the peddles.

Some bikes, such as cargo or mountain bikes, are too big and massive for your kids to safely handle, so it’s best to avoid these e-bike styles. E-bikes designed for city commutes, cruising, and general-purpose use, will be more adaptable and easier for your kids to ride.

Smaller tires, as well as adjustable handlebars, stemposts, and saddles, are all excellent features to look for in an e-bike for your child.

Have a look at some of our recommendations for the best kid’s e-bikes:

1) Swagtron EB-6 Bandit (on Amazon)

The Swagtron EB-9 is equipped with 4-inch fat tires which will give your kid maximum traction and a more smooth ride. Your kid has the choice between using the motor or pedaling manually.

The battery can also be locked into place, so you don’t have to worry about your kid interfering with it. This kid’s bike has a dual-lever disc brake that ensures your kid’s safety and control.

2) PRIME-CLUB-Electric-Motorcycle-Toddlers (on Amazon)

The prime club e-bike is definitely kid-friendly as it comes with training wheels. The wheels can be attached if your child is not confident riding alone, and detached once they become more comfortable.

Your child can ride for one hour straight without having to worry that the battery will die; this e-bike has a 6V battery that has the ability to go on longer voyages.

How Kids Can Benefit from Riding E-Bikes

Even though e-bike riding for children has gotten little attention, there are numerous reasons to promote it. Here are some things you may do to encourage your child to try riding an e-bike after they have reached the legal age for their location.

One advantage is that they can ride their e-bike to and from school independently and safely. Most youngsters at this age yearn for independence, and the prospect of not relying on their parents for everything thrills them.

So, if school is not too far from home, kids can simply ride instead of walking or waiting for a lift from you.

They will have a good time while exercising. Most teenagers enjoy riding their bikes, but they may not enjoy exercising. Getting them out on an e-bike will guarantee that they get adequate exercise and fresh air.

For college-going kids, it can offer an easier way of getting around campus. They won’t have to worry about beating traffic, missing parking spaces, being late for class, or walking at all.

E-bikes are highly cost-effective for college students because they do not require purchasing gas or paying parking fees. Parking fees for e-bikes are very uncommon. Persuading your children to ride an e-bike can help them save money in the long-run.


You no longer have to wonder about whether your kids can ride e-bikes, and how they can do so safely. Just make sure they are over the legal age according to your local regulations.

Also don’t forget to train them about the importance of practicing safety while riding, and following all the relevant precautions to ensure the best and most efficient ride.