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Can You Put A GPS Tracker on an Electric Scooter?

Electric scooters, just like their carbon fuel counterparts, are one of the easiest vehicles to steal. Some expert scooter/motorbike/moped thieves have no problems disabling the most expensive and complicated locks. If locks are useless, what is the best way to prevent the theft of your electric scooter? The best way is to install a GPS tracker.

It’s possible to install a GPS tracker on an electric scooter, and adding one will allow you to determine the exact location of your scooter if it’s stolen. Some trackers include features like time-tracking & distress buttons. You can save a few bucks by using a fake GPS tracking sticker as well.

Installing and selecting a tracker for an electric scooter is pretty simple. Here you will find the best trackers for your scooter and what to look out for when buying a tracker And remember that if you install a tracker, you want it to work as a deterrent, not just a backup plan, so you’ll want to consider clearly or prominently displaying some clear signal that there is a GPS tracker on the device.

How Do GPS Trackers Work?

The technology behind GPS trackers is simple. Most trackers have an inbuilt receiver that is connected to GPS satellites. These satellites can pinpoint the tracker’s position at any time because they are linked by radio waves.

One of the benefits of this electric scooter tracker is its small size, making it easy to hide and install. Also, you can use the trackers to keep track of your route in case you get lost. Some trackers have jamming capabilities.

This feature allows you to shut down your scooter remotely when an unauthorized person uses it. This will give your scooter an added layer of security.

Another outstanding characteristic of the GPS tracker is the geofence. Geofences are coordinates that you set in to keep your scooter within a specific area.

Once the scooter leaves the geofence, you get a notification. That way, if someone takes your scooter without your knowledge, you receive a message as soon as they leave the geofence. Trackers allow you to find your electric scooter’s location on a live map. Within seconds you can track your scooter’s route and take preemptive action based on that information.

And before we get too deep into things, remember that, as an addition to a real tracker (or instead of a real tracker), you can get most of the benefit from this security device by simply adding a GPS tracking sticker (on Amazon) to your device so a thief thinks it can be tracked.

Can You Add A GPS Tracker to Your Electric Scooter?

Not only is it possible for you to put GPS trackers on your electric scooter, but there’s also a large array of scooter-friendly devices on the market. The trackers are so small that they conveniently fit in with the scooter without standing out or arousing suspicion.

Things to Consider When Buying an Electric Scooter GPS Tracker

When purchasing a GPS tracker, there are some things you should consider. The tracker’s qualities should reassure you that you have an effective tracker that can help pinpoint your scooter’s position. Here are some of those factors.

Real-Time Tracking

Any tracker worth its name has to have this feature. Your GPS tracker must have the capacity to find your electric scooter in real-time. If the GPS tracker you intend to get doesn’t have this feature, don’t buy it.

Size and Design

Just like in the case of locks, thieves have learned to look for trackers and remove them. To this end, any tracker you eventually acquire has to be small enough to be missed and with a design that doesn’t stand out. So those who want to remove it can’t find it easily.

Presence of Distress Button

A distress or SOS button is a button that sends a silent alarm in the case of an emergency. If you are stranded or the victim of a robbery, for instance, you can press the distress button to get help. Not all trackers have this feature, but your getting one that does gives you an advantage.

Frequency of updates

All trackers update themselves. Note that the frequency of updates affects the battery life. However, this condition depends on what you want. If you want a tracker that updates regularly, go for it. The downside will be short battery life. If you prefer a tracker that lasts long, the look for one that doesn’t update as frequently.

Water Resistance

Scooters have no covering. It’s most likely that any tracker installed on a scooter is going to be exposed to the elements. So, when getting a tracker, get one that is water-resistant. Water-resistant ones are more durable and tenacious.

Ease of Use?

The easier the GPS is to use, the better for you. When you buy a GPS tracker, look for one whose user-friendly interface, ease of access, and general usability are convenient for you.

Route History

A good tracker has to save your route for a while – usually about a month. A record of where you have been is essential.


When looking for a GPS tracker, look for one covering your location. Some GPS trackers don’t work well in certain areas. To prevent that problem, verify if your new tracker works in your place.

Battery Life

Battery life is also essential. A tracker should last at least a week when fully charged – some even last for more than two weeks.

Web Tracking

Apart from the app, a good GPS has to have a web page that allows users or subscribers to track their vehicles. Web tracking is equally as important as using the app to track.

Best GPS Trackers for Electric Scooter

Here are the top GPS trackers for your electric scooter. The trackers on this list have most of the criteria listed earlier and are available on Amazon. Getting any of these trackers ensures you know where your electric scooter is at any time.

LandAirSea 54 GPS Tracker

LandAirSea 54 GPS Tracker is at the top of our list because it does most of what we expect from a tracker without stress. It’s easy to locate your scooter with this tracker, as it comes with a mobile app.

The app’s availability on both the iOS and Android platforms means it is compatible with most smartphones.

Here are some of the reasons why you should try this GPS tracker for your electric scooter:

  • Durable materials are used in making the tracker ensure durability
  • Web tracker is compatible with most browsers
  • A strong magnet allows you to attach the tracker to any metallic part of your scooter
  • A strong battery lasts up to a week when fully charged
  • Water-resistant

Despite these great things about the tracker, the high subscription cost might be a turnoff. But if everything else sounds worth it, here’s where to get LandAirSea 54 tracker (on Amazon).

PrimeTracking Personal GPS Tracker

One of the great things about Primetracking Personal GPS is its compactness. It is small enough to stay unnoticed on any part of your scooter. Another good thing about the tracker is its collaboration with Google Maps to provide a real-time location for your scooter.

The tracker not only provides the real-time position of your scooter, it also lets you know how fast you are moving.

Finally, there is a distress or SOS button in case of emergencies. You can get the tracker here (on Amazon).


AMERICALOC GL300 is one of the expensive trackers on the market. Its high cost is because it is one of the best. While most can only store location history for a month, AMERICALOC keeps your location history for up to a year. It is also the most accurate when it comes to location tracking.

Most importantly, while other GPS trackers don’t work properly outside the US or do not work at all, AMERICALOC performs efficiently anywhere in the world. You can get the tracker here (on Amazon).


GPS trackers are essential for anyone with an electric scooter. The good thing is that it is possible and relatively easy to install a GPS scooter on your electric scooter. Before getting a GPS tracker, make sure that they meet most, if not all, of the requirements listed above.

Also, don’t rush to pick one GPS tracker. Compare two or more trackers using the criteria listed. Then after deciding on which one you think best suits your needs, get it. Now, you will feel safe when you park your electric scooter, knowing that you will always know where it is, even when it goes missing.


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