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Best E-Bike’s You Can Get For Under $1,000 (Based On Your Uses)

When looking into electric bikes, you might be surprised by the hefty price tag. This can be a turn-off to some riders trying to upgrade their commute. The good news is, there are great options under $1,000.

When it comes to e-bikes under $1k, some of the best options (based on use) are:

Typical commuting: the Pace 350.
For mountain biking, and/or long range: the XC100.
For the fastest speeds: NAKTO’s Electric Fat Tire Bike.
For the best folding option: the Lectric XP 2.0.

E-bikes under $1,000 are an affordable and budget-friendly entry into the hobby. There are some fantastic bikes that don’t skimp out on quality or reliability. Read on for the full details and recommendations!

What are the Typical Features and Specs of a Sub-1k Electric Bike?

Woman with e bike on Elba Island, Italy

First, let’s check in on what’s fair to expect at this price point. What’s typical in the sub-1k electric bike range?

Range: The range of an electric bike is how far you can travel on a single charge. For new and beginner riders, this is a critical metric so they can enjoy their bike to the fullest. A good range for an electric bike in the $1,000 range is going 25-40 miles.

Motor: The motor is crucial to every e-bike. It impacts the speed, power, and balance of every bike. When looking at electric bikes in the $1,000 range, a 350watt motor is going to be the standard.

Battery: When choosing an electric bike, the battery is just as important as the motor. The battery impacts the overall speed, range, and charging time of every e-bike.

A 36volt battery is going to give easy commuters precisely what they need, while a 48volt battery and above will help with rough terrain. Both are common in the sub-1k range, with the trade-off being more speed and less range for the higher voltage battery.

Pedal Assist: Pedal assist helps newer riders and veterans alike ride through rough terrain and take it easy. For new riders, pedal-assist is an essential factor to consider because they might be looking for a less intensive ride. Most sub 1k bikes will feature pedal assist.

When deciding which model to go with, you should factor in a few more things. You should consider your overall goal and purpose for owning an electric bike. If it’s for exercise, you should put less importance on pedal-assist.

What’s the Best Electric Bike Under $1,000?

A $1,000 starting budget for an electric bike is an excellent place to be. This number allows you to find some great bikes to get into the hobby that isn’t going to break the bank.

We’re going to do a deep dive on electric bikes under $1,000 and give you our recommendations to consider. We’ll then unpack our criteria and exceptional cases to look out for. So, what is the best e-bike under $1,000?

Our top pick actually comes out to just above $1,000. If you can find a few extra hundred in your budget, the Pace 350 (by Aventon) will deliver quality and accessibility. This model comes with a 350watt rear-hub motor, an average range of 35 miles, a 5-level pedal-assist system, and ease of access for any rider.

We chose the 350 because it meets all of our criteria very well. The diamond-aluminum frame adds balance and stability to every ride. It’s a lighter-weight model at 46lbs and can support over five times its weight at 250lbs.

One of the main reasons we recommend the 350 is the ease of access with its step-through frame design. It has a clean and frictionless design with a semi-integrated battery and cables stored neatly in the downtube.

The five different levels of pedal-assist allow you to customize every commute and take a load off your legs. The 417Wh battery will provide you with a range of 25-40 miles.

It comes with a fast charger, which can you get back on the road in 3-4 hours. The two downsides to this bike are the rear-hub placement of the motor and the cadence sensors as opposed to torque.

The Pace 350 met our criteria incredibly well and is an excellent bike for beginners looking for an upgrade.

If you’re looking to travel rougher terrain, you’re going to want a higher-powered bike with more torque. The range is essential to your choice, needs, and commute. Factor in all these when deciding which bike to go with.

The Best Electric Bike Under $1,000 (Runner Up)

If you can’t spring extra hundreds, don’t worry. We have another great option you should consider.

The Roadster V2 (by Ride1Up) is an equally sufficient bike compared to our top pick. The V2 comes with a similar 350watt motor and 36volt battery. It’s lightweight, accessible, and quiet, making it an excellent choice for any city commuter.

The Roadster V2 is a great choice but didn’t top pick due to a few minor inconveniences. The bike doesn’t come with any throttle, so for every ride, you will be doing some sort of pedaling. This model also leaves out crucial elements like a kickstand and light, which adds to the overall accessibility of the ride.

Most enthusiasts agree the V-brakes compared to disc breaks also hamper the bike. It’s also important to note, riders under 5’5″ found the smallest size of bike hard to ride and lacking in comfort.

The V2 is still an excellent choice for any rider looking for an affordable option that doesn’t skimp out on quality. The sleek and seamless design adds to the comfort of the ride, while the lightweight design makes for a breeze of a ride.

The Best Electric Bike for Mountain Biking Under $1,000

If you’re looking for an electric bike that can handle rough terrain as well as commutes, you’re going to be in the mountain bike market.

Our top pick is the eAhora XC100 (on Amazon). Coming in at $900, this electric mountain bike is incredibly affordable for anyone looking to get into the hobby. The XC100 is relatively lightweight for a mountain bike at 50lbs. The 350watt motor and 48volt battery offers excellent power, speed, and range.

This bike by eAhora is an excellent option for commuting and outdoor exercise alike. With three different modes to choose from, you can tailor your commute to fit your goals and needs. The electric mode is best for long-distance, the PAS mode offers customizability, and the fitness mode is ideal for exercise.

The 48volt battery is powerful and removable. With assistance, you can travel up to 50 miles on a single charge with a max speed of 22 mph. The Shimano 7 speed shifter and M370 derailers ensure accurate and smooth shifting during every commute.

To top it off, the smart energy regeneration technology charges the battery up to 20% while you ride. The XC100 has an extra bonus of comfort with the suspension absorbers filtering out vibrations during rough rides.

The criteria we look at for the best overall mountain bikes are comparable to our previous standards. We look for a bigger battery, throttle, and suspension. A bigger battery allows for mountain bikes to have more range and climb rougher terrain.

The throttle is essential to give you that extra assistance when climbing steep hills. The suspension is crucial as you’ll be riding the bike up and down mountains.

The Best Electric Bike for Mountain Biking Under $1,000 (Runner Up)

If the $900 mark is a bit out of your budget, we have another option to look at. Keep in mind; you’re going to lose some of the bells and whistles of a higher price tag.

Our runner-up has to be the Yiilove 26″ Electric Bike (on Amazon). This bike comes in just under $700, making it one of the most affordable options on the list.

This electric bike is pretty good for the price range. That being said, the Yiilove 26″ with a 250watt motor that isn’t quite as powerful as we would like. The 36volt battery doesn’t offer as much speed or range compared to the XC100.

It’s a foldable model that offers accessibility and easy transport. The Shimano 21 speed gears and brakes provide reliability, safety, and power. Yiilove’s model has relatively good off-road performance, but users have said the pedals are severely lacking.

All that being said, for $650, the price is hard to beat when you’re looking to dip your toes into the hobby.

The Longest-Range E-Bike Under $1,000

If your main concern when choosing an e-bike is the range, you might be surprised by the best choice for under $1,000.

Our best choice for the longest-range electric bike under $1,000 goes back to a previous pick, the XC100 by eAhora (on Amazon). Although designed for rough terrain, this mountain bike can travel up to 50 miles with assistance on a single charge. This range makes it one of the most effective traveling options for under $1,000.

If you’re looking for something less sporty, we also recommend our best overall pick, the Pace 350 (by Aventon). With an average range of 35 miles on a single charge and upwards of 40 miles depending on the circumstances, it’s another excellent option for those looking for longer commutes.

The price might be a bit of a turn-off, coming just a bit over the $1,000 budget.

The Fastest Electric Bike Under $1,000

Most of the electric bikes you’ll find under $1,000 are going to have a speed range of 20-25mph. That’s a standard you should look for, but there is a standout option.

The Electric Fat Tire Mountain Bike (by NAKTO) is our top pick for the fasted e-bike under $1,000. This bike can reach top speeds of 30mph. In full-throttle mode, you’ll get that motorcycle feeling that other e-bikes can’t match.

This bike is robust, reliable, and powerful. The carbon steel frame is sturdy and can handle a beating. It doesn’t miss the mark on comfort either, with its low step frame. This bike can easily hold up to 220lbs and suit any rider from 5″ 3′ to 6″ 3′.

Due to the fat tires, you’ll handle rough weather conditions with ease. That being said, there are better fat tire options. The 36volt battery and 300watt motor pair nicely, giving you a range of 35 miles and top speeds of 30mph.

The 300watt motor is a weaker engine, but with the comfort, smooth-riding, and 5 level pedal assist, it’s hard to beat.

Bonus: Best Foldable E-Bike Under $1,000

Foldable electric bikes were actually intended for the military but have become a popular option among commuters. The ease of access and transportability make foldable options something you should highly consider.

Coming in at just under $1,000, our recommendation is the XP 2.0 by Lectric eBikes (By lectric ebikes). This bike is hard to beat with its 500watt motor and 48volt battery. It comes fully assembled, allowing you to ride immediately, and the foldability enables you to take it anywhere.

The 500watt motor and 48volt removable battery create a surprisingly powerful foldable option. It has a range upwards of 45 miles on a single charge allowing you to commute farther distances.

The charge time isn’t bad either at 4-6 hours. The XP 2.0 comes as a Class 2 e-bike at 20mph, but you can upgrade it to a Class 3 at 28mph via the controller.

The fat tires help you commute on rougher terrains and challenging weather conditions. The bike does come in a bit heavy at 63lbs, but the full range foldability makes it extremely easy to transport.

If you have a bit extra in your budget, Lectric eBikes offer additional add-ons to improve your riding experience. This award-winning bike coming in at $999, makes it the perfect foldable option.