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How To Stop Thieves From Stealing Your E-Bike!

Preventing theft is just a general part of bike ownership. Bike thieves exist because bikes, sadly, are such easy targets. They are often left outside, don’t require a key to operate, and have parts that can fetch a quick buck. You can’t stop a thief from doing what they do, but what you can do is try your best to prevent theft from happening in the first place. But how can you do that?

E-Bikes are a valuable target for thieves. You can prevent your E-Bike from being stolen by taking a few precautions like storing it inside, using high quality (or multiple!) locks when storing it outside, or even installing a GPS sticker so thieves think it can be tracked.

Now, you can’t prevent all thefts. Even if you do your very best to keep things as secure as possible, a creative thief may come by and make things disappear nonetheless. Generally speaking, though, there are some easy habits and tactics you can implement that will greatly reduce the probability of theft. Ready to learn what you can do to prevent thieves from stealing your e-bike? Read on!

Do E-Bikes Get Stolen Often?

Electric bike chained with several strong locks and chains

While e-bike technology has improved over the last few years, so has the drive for thieves to target more expensive bikes. So how do e-bike thefts compare to the theft of other bikes in general? Are they stolen more often, or less?

Unfortunately, e-bikes often get stolen. Thieves are always looking for ways to get the most profit, so stealing a bike with obvious extra features is a sure thing. E-bikes have come a long way, but they still look like e-bikes — and that’s exactly what thieves will be looking for.

Honestly, if you think about e-bike thefts, it may not seem like a big deal. But that’s only because there just aren’t that many on the street. Sure, they are becoming more popular, but they are still limited compared to the number of traditional bikes on the road. This is not a good thing, as thieves who know how much most e-bikes are worth are more likely to target expensive e-bikes over just regular bikes.

Additionally, e-bikes are often stolen because they come packed with extra features. While your e-bike may be fairly minimalistic, a thief will only look at extra components like the battery and motor before making the decision to steal it. That’s why you need to be especially careful when leaving your e-bike unattended.

The Best Ways to Prevent Theft of Your E-Bike

Hipster businessman commuter parking electric bicycle

Okay, so we know that e-bikes get stolen fairly often and are commonly targeted by bike thieves. So what can we do to prevent this from happening? It’s a common question with almost every bike owner, regardless of whether they’ve got an e-bike or not.

The first thing you’ll want to do is change your usage habits. You may not know it, but your daily biking habits can be the exact reason why you are more exposed to thieves than others. Keep in mind; changing these habits will take some time. But, if you’re serious about protecting your e-bike, here are some things you need to consider.

Don’t Leave it Outside

Alright, so this one should be easy enough. Turns out, there was a reason your parents got upset when you left your bike in the front yard as a kid — it’s the most likely place it’ll be stolen. Leaving your bike outside unattended makes the easiest environment for a thief.

If you can, make sure to store your bike inside. Sure, e-bikes can get heavy, but if you want to protect your investment, it’s the only real proper to ensure would-be bike thieves don’t have a chance to steal them.

If you don’t have the option of taking your bike wherever you go, think about storing it in a busy area outside. The main goal is to make the thief’s job harder. If your bike is in a bustling public place, it means the thief doesn’t have the advantage of being hidden from view.

If You Have to Leave it Out, Always Lock it Up!

This one should be a no-brainer. Always lock your bike up! It’s one of the simplest things you can do to prevent theft. The best part? Locks are cheap; at least much cheaper than having to replace your bike.

Always consider best locking practices. By that, we mean carefully considering where you lock up your bike. For example, locking your bike to a wooden post may seem sufficient, but a thief with a hacksaw can get your bike no problem. Additionally, you’ll want to find a nice and strong bike lock to ensure the highest security.

Not all locks are created equal. If you opt for a cheaper option, it means that the lock could be easily broken. Unfortunately, thieves will see this bad lock from a mile away. It makes their job 10 times easier, so avoid buying a poor-quality lock to begin with.

Recommended Bike Locks

You can find thousands of bike locks online. But which ones are worth your time and money, and which ones are duds?

Generally speaking, a U-Lock style lock is considered to be best. You can find many of these online, as it’s one of the most popular lock types. This lock, from Kryptonite (on Amazon), is a great option that even comes with a cord to better protect your bike.

Chain style locks, like this Kryptonite (on Amazon) option, are also good, but may not provide the same level of protection as a U-lock, so keep that in mind.

How to Lock Your Bike Up Properly

So you’ve got your bike lock, that’s it, right? Well, no. You’ll need to lock up your bike properly, and yes, there is actually wrong way. First, try and keep the lock attached to the frame of the bike. If you don’t and attach it to an area like the wheel, it means that a thief only needs to simply remove the wheel to take your bike  — which is easily done with just some basic tools.

Additionally, you want to protect your wheels too. If you can, thread the lock through the wheel and frame onto the locking post. This will ensure you’ve got the most protection for your bike.

Install a GPS Tracker (or just a GPS Sticker!)

GPS trackers are becoming widely available. You can even find trackers that are built specifically for use on your bike. They add another layer of security to your bike and can help you track your bike down in the event that it does actually get stolen.

You can find all kinds of trackers on the market. Some fit perfectly into your handlebars; some attach to the seat post, and some just stick to the bikeframe using magnets. Have a look at these great GPS Tracking options if you’re interested in this:

  • XOSS G+ GPS Tracker (to Amazon) — This tracker actually aims to replace your existing bike computer, offering a screen with all the readouts you want as well as GPS tracking!

If you’re looking for a cheap option, you can use a tracker like an AirTag (on Amazon). While they may not come packed with the aforementioned features, they still offer a lot in terms of usability.

Lastly, you could just put a GPS sticker like this one (on Amazon) on your bike. This dirt-cheap option won’t help you track your bike if it gets stolen, but can help you deter thieves from taking your bike in the first place.

Camouflage You Bike

To prevent a thief from stealing your bike, it may be useful to think like a thief. Put yourself in their shoes. What are they looking for? What makes an easy target?

These questions can get you pretty far. For example, let’s consider what the bike looks like. When a thief is on the lookout for a prospective target, a new bike certainly looks more appealing than a beat-down old cruiser. So use this to your advantage.

If you can, add things like random pieces of duct tape and other features to ugly up your expensive e-bike. When a thief takes a look, they’ll decide it’s not worth their time and effort — problem solved!

Use More Than One Lock

There is no rule that states you can’t use more than one bike lock. If you’re looking to add extra protection, why not sport two, three, or more bike locks? Sure, it might add to your overall riding weight and may be a bit of a hassle, but you can be sure that no thief will choose your bike over another if you’ve got it locked up like Fort Knox.

At the end of the day, it’s all about preventing thieves from targeting your bike. Sure, you may get unlucky to get the thief who wants your bike no matter what, but in most cases, even just one extra lock should deter most thieves.

Wrapping Up

While e-bikes do often get stolen, there is a lot you can do to prevent a potential theft. The reality is that thieves know e-bikes are typically more expensive than most regular bikes. It’s an easy target with an easy payday. Your job as a bike owner is to make it as hard as you can for anyone to take your bike.

If that means adding extra locks, a GPS tracking system, or just taking your bike inside, it all makes it so that a thief has a much harder time trying to steal your bike. The last thing you want is to be careless with your expensive e-bike, so be careful, follow our rules, and you’ll have your bike waiting for you each time.

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