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How To Increase The Range Of Your Ebike (Best Methods for Big Results)

There are many different ways to increase the range of your electric bike.

You can increase the range of your eclectic bike by adding a bigger battery, adding a spare battery, or changing the way you ride. Adding a battery can double the range, while swapping out the motor or managing weight and tire pressure may get you smaller gains, 10-20% more range in some cases, etc.

Read on for the complete guide on how to upgrade the range of your electric bike!

Can You Increase EBike Range by Adding a Bigger Battery?

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Yes, adding a bigger battery to your electric bike will increase your range. Check out our full article on batteries here!

Adding a bigger battery is just one of the options to increase the range of your e-bike. Although a viable solution, it does have potential downsides. Installing one bigger battery can not only be complex and time-consuming, but it can also cost quite a bit. 

Depending on your model and manufacturer, you might have to go through the company to purchase a larger battery. Some companies may not even have a battery upgrade for your specific model.

Another thing to note, if you install the wrong battery, you can fry your whole system. Using the wrong battery can burn out the motor or controller, causing damages and more fees. There’s also the potential of the battery malfunctioning, which in some cases can cause fires or mini-explosions.

When adding a bigger battery, you need to be sure the battery is compatible with your current make and model. Check your manufacturer’s details to be sure, and when in doubt, hire a professional.

Consider Adding a Spare Battery to Your Kit

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One way to avoid the potential downsides of one bigger battery is to add one smaller battery to your electric bike set-up. This is an excellent option to increase the overall range and performance of your ride. Let’s compare the advantages and downsides of both options!

Advantages Of A Bigger Battery

1. Tighter Package. Due to only having one battery, your bike will have an overall tighter package and sleeker design. When you add a spare to your set-up, you may have to invest in after-market products like racks and bags. This can add to the price and weight of your bike.

2. One Charge Time. Although your charge time will be longer than a smaller battery, you’ll only have one. This can be a benefit to some and save you the cost of getting another charger down the line.

3. Less Maintenance. For some, a bigger battery is an excellent option because it’s overall less maintenance. Only having to care for one battery can be less of a hassle and save you some potential headaches down the line.

Disadvantages Of A Bigger Battery

Although we mentioned a few disadvantages earlier, here are some more you should keep in mind.

1. One Charge Cycle. Having only one battery means you only have one charge cycle. This means your battery is taking the brunt of all your rides, causing it to wear and die out faster. This is definitely something to consider if you ride quite a bit.

2. No Back-Up Plan. Only having one battery means you have no contingency plan. If things go wrong, you have no safety net or battery to fall back on. This can create incredibly frustrating situations and worry.

3. Fewer Options. Having one battery leaves you with fewer options in where you can go. You’ll only have one battery to rely on, which means that’s the only range you have. You won’t be able to leave a spare at your friend’s house or at the office to add a bit more leeway to your ride. This can really limit your riding experience.

Advantages Of A Spare Battery

1. Contingency Plan. One of the most significant benefits of having a spare battery is having a backup plan. If one of your batteries breaks or malfunctions, you have a spare.

2. More Range. Having a spare battery can effectively double your range. This makes an extra battery a great option to increase the range of your ride.

3. Less Charge Time. With two batteries, you have potentially less charge time. Waiting on one battery to charge can be an inconvenience. With two batteries, you can charge them at the same time, which can effectively halve your charge time.

Disadvantages Of A Spare Battery

1. More Weight. One of the main downsides to having two batteries is more weight in your bike. Added weight can affect your ride, range, and speed.

2. More Gear. With two batteries comes more gear. You might have to invest in a rack, bag, or other carrying option for the battery. This can increase the weight of your set-up and add extra costs.

3. More Maintenance. Twice the batteries mean twice the maintenance. This may not be a problem for every rider, but it’s something to consider.

Whether you go with one bigger battery or a spare, you will get more range out of your electric bike. The decision will come down to personal preference, budget, and your e-bike model.

Can you Increase EBike Range By Changing How you Ride?

One of the simplest ways to increase your electric bike’s range is to change how you ride. You can accomplish this by pedaling, avoiding hard acceleration, and proper maintenance. 

1. Pedal More. Pedaling more is one of the best ways to increase your electric bike’s range. It is a bike, after all! When coming out of a complete stop, make sure you’re pedaling. Be sure to pedal uphills as well; this will take a significant load off the motor and battery.

2. Reduce weight. Reducing the weight on your rides is another way to increase the range. Be mindful of what you’re carrying and what gear you have on your bike. More weight will make the motor and battery work harder, which will reduce your overall range.

3. Don’t Accelerate Too Hard. Hard acceleration can use unnecessary energy, which can eat up your range. Pedal out of complete stops and accelerate slowly. This will ensure you not putting excessive strain on your electric bike.

4. Coast. Be sure to coast when you can. The best times to coast are around 14-18 miles. Get up to speed and let your momentum carry you. Riding in this way reduces the overall energy you’re consuming.

5. Watch Your Terrain. Avoid hills and rough terrain if you can. Going up hills uses up more energy which will, in turn, reduce your range. Try commuting through flat and solid terrain for the best range.

What Are The Best Ways to Increase Ebike Battery Range?

We’ve mentioned a lot of options to increase the range of your electric bike. What are the best options you can do now to increase your range?

1. A Spare Battery. One of the easiest ways to increase your electric bike range will be getting a spare battery. This option may not be in everybody’s budget, but this is a surefire route to go if you can afford it.

2. Reduce weight. As mentioned earlier, reducing the weight of your set-up is another way to increase your ride’s performance. Be mindful of what you’re carrying and the after-market gear you’re buying. 

3. Tire Pressure. Properly inflating your tires before each ride is another way to increase your range. Without adequately inflated tires, you’ll be using more energy which reduces your range. Take the time before each commute and do the proper maintenance to ensure your getting the most bang for your buck.

4. Change How You Ride. Even though this is number four on our list, this is an option any rider can implement. Pedaling more, avoiding hills, and reducing hard acceleration are all methods that will increase your range. Take the time to watch how you ride and change your habits accordingly. Implementing these necessary changes will take time but will create a considerable benefit in performance.

5. Plan Your Route. Planning your route goes into changing how you ride, but it deserves a section of its own. You may just hop on your bike and go about your commute without thinking too much. But, properly planning your route can save you time, energy and increase your range. You may even find going a longer course is better as it might avoid rougher terrain and hills. Do your due diligence and figure out the best route for your ride!

6. Upgrade Your Motor. Upgrading your motor is another way to increase the range of your bike. This isn’t an easy task and requires all your electrical components to work in tandem. Check out our complete guide for more information!

Which EBike Battery has the Longest Range?

You may be wondering what battery or electric bike has the longest range. Let’s take a look at some of the options.

This bike by Delfast holds the Guinness World Record for longest electric bike range. The bike is said to be able to travel up to 200 miles on a single charge! To give you a perspective, that’s more than enough to travel from Los Angeles to San Diego on one single charge. Bikes like this don’t come cheap though, the price is about $6200, which is a pretty penny for an e-bike. 

Let’s say you want to figure out the range of a specific battery; what’s the equation to use? To find the range of your bike, first, find out the Watt Hours. Calculate this by taking the Voltage and multiplying it by the Amp Hours (V * Ah = Wh.) Then take that number and divide it by 20 (Wh/20 = estimated miles.) It’s estimated that 20 Wh of energy equates to 1 mile of riding time. 

Let’s take, for example, a 52V battery with an amp hour rating of 19.2. Multiplying these two numbers will get you 998.4. Divided by 20, you then have 49.92.

Now, this equation doesn’t factor in riding style, terrain, battery capacity, etc. It’s important to note your mileage will vary based on all these factors, but this is an excellent way to gauge the range of a potential battery.

Remember that there are multiple ways to increase your range; adding a spare battery, a bigger battery, and changing how you ride can improve your range. Experiment with different options and see what works for you!