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The Best E-Bike To Buy Two Of (For Couples)

Electric bikes are a great way to commute, exercise, and have fun. With more riders, electric bikes become even better! So, what should couples look for when purchasing electric bikes?

Couples should look for E-Bikes that compliment each other and serve similar purposes. If you plan to do off-roading together, purchase matching E-MTBs. If you are mainly cruising through your city, consider a low-step through frame design. For each of you doing different activities, get hybrids.

Buying two of the same electric bike has many benefits. You can swap out the batteries, have access to spare parts, extend your bike’s life cycle, and more! Read on for everything you need to know when purchasing two of the same e-bike.

What To Look For When Buying Two E-Bikes

Elderly couple of grandparents enjoy life outdoors with electric bicycle

There are always a few things to keep in mind when buying an electric bike. New riders should consider the battery, motor, frame type, and more when selecting an e-bike. But should people in relationships consider other factors when choosing electric bikes?

Couples should look for electric bikes that complement each other. Choosing bikes from the same manufacturer, cycles of the same style, or bikes that have similar purposes will allow you and your partner to easily ride with each other.

If you and your partner expect to do a lot of off-roading, then you’ll want to purchase a more hefty electric mountain bike. On the flip side, if you and your partner are cruising around the city, you might want something less robust.

However, what if you and your partner have different purposes for purchasing an electric bike? Purchase hybrid models that fit many different situations. Doing so will allow you and your partner to ride together easily.

The Benefits of Having Two of the Same E-Bike

Couple of bikers meet outdoors enjoying exercise and excursion in a natural park

Owning two of the same electric bike comes with significant advantages. Two electric bikes give you access to spare parts, swappable batteries, accessibility, and more!

Swapping Batteries: One of the most significant advantages to owning two of the same e-bike is the ability to swap out the batteries. Swapping out batteries extends your range, reduces your charge time, and extends each battery’s shelf life.

Spare Parts: Owning two of the same e-bike means you’ll have access to spare parts and materials. If one bike tire pops, you have a spare. If you lose a nut or bolt, you have another bike at your disposal!

Accessibility: Owning two of the same electric bike increases usability and accessibility. You and your partner will be able to hop on whichever bike is charged without a second thought. On top of that, the spare parts and extra batteries are major quality of life upgrades.

Matching Bikes: Let’s not forget, your bikes match! Matching bikes isn’t only a style upgrade. Matching bikes makes purchasing accessories, storage solutions, and maintenance plans a breeze.

Are There Good Deals for Buying Two E-Bikes at Once?

Purchasing an electric bike isn’t cheap, let alone purchasing two of them. Fortunately, some manufacturers provide deals when you buy two or more bicycles at once.

Lectric Bikes is one company that has been known to give out discounts. Lectric Bikes has an approachable price range, and some buyers have received discounts when buying two bikes at once.

On top of that, you can always ask the manufacturer directly for deals. Many brands are willing to give decent-sized discounts on larger orders. It’s not unheard of to receive a $100 discount when ordering two reasonably priced e-bikes.

When in doubt, try sending an email or making a phone call. Sometimes, talking to the right person at the right time is all it takes.

What Accessories Do You Want for a Set of E-Bikes?

When purchasing an e-bike, you’ll need a few accessories to go with your new ride. You may need new helmets, mirrors, bags, and more. Fortunately, purchasing accessories for matching electric bikes is a breeze! Here are some of our favorite accessory recommendations.

Helmets: We recommend the Zacro Lightweight Adult Bike Helmet for budget helmets (On Amazon). A step above the Zacro would be the Giro Fixture Adult Dirt Cycling Helmet (On Amazon). Finally, if you need something ponytail compatible, look no further than the Giro Syntax Adult Road Bike Helmet (On Amazon).

Mirrors: Many electric bikes come without mirrors. We recommend the Hafny E13 Mirror (On Amazon) for something a bit larger. Check out the MEACHOW Scratch Resistant Handlebar Bike Mirror (On Amazon) for something on the smaller side.

Headsets: Wireless communication is excellent for long-distant trips and coordinating routes. Motorcycle Intercoms (On Amazon) are a premium option and work incredibly well. Walkie Talkies (On Amazon) are a more affordable and DIY-friendly option but still have a suitable range for communication.

Waterbottle Holders: There are a ton of water bottle holders on the market, so be sure it’s compatible with your e-bike before purchasing. There are highly versatile options, such as the Any Bottle Cage (On Amazon). You can also find lightweight water bottle holders meant for sports, like the ThinkTop Ultra-Light Water Bottle Cage (On Amazon).

These are just a few of the accessories you may need to get you out onto the roads. You may also want to consider additional bags, battery packs, or backpacks for carrying spare batteries and supplies. You can find options from under $50 on Amazon.

Additionally, purchasing some essential bike maintenance tools may help you down the line. You can find complete kits (On Amazon) for under $30. A set of Allen wrenches (On Amazon), a tire lever (On Amazon) , and a cleaning kit (On Amazon) can do you wonders.

Finally, always be sure to purchase parts and accessories that are compatible with your electric bike model. We know it sounds obvious, but missing this detail can cause headaches down the line.

For example, low-step through frames have lower compatibility for many accessories. Check with your manufacturer to be on the safe side.