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12 Ways To Increase Your Electric Scooter Range

The range of an electric scooter is one of the most critical factors affecting your riding experience, especially if you’re using the scooter for practical purposes like commuting to work. That said, each scooter model will offer a different range, with some much better than others. So, what can you do to boost your scooter’s range?

You can increase your electric scooter’s range by changing your riding habits. Using power-saving or “eco” features, avoiding hills, and accelerating slowly. Adding additional batteries or upgrading your battery can extend your range, as long as your electric scooter model supports it.

Don’t panic if you aren’t receiving high ranges and top speeds from your electric scooter. There are a few tricks you can employ to get the most out of your scooter. Here’s what you need to know about extending your model’s range.

What Is the Average Electric Scooter Range?

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Depending on your model, modern electric scooters can travel an average of 15-30 miles (25-45 kilometers) on a single charge. This range is much higher than older electric scooter models, which could only travel 10-12 miles per charge.

There are expensive electric scooters that can travel much farther than the average model, but they aren’t as common on the market.

What Determines Electric Scooter Range?

There are a wide variety of factors that can influence the electric scooter’s range. The electrical components such as the battery, motor, and controller all influence how far you can travel. A larger battery will allow you to travel farther distances in most cases.

But did you know that other factors can also affect the range of your electric scooter? The terrain you ride on, the weight you carry, and even your tire pressure can determine how far you can go. Let’s take a look at a few ways you can increase your electric scooter range.

12 Ways to Increase Your Electric Scooter Range

There are loads of ways you can increase the range of your electric scooter. Not all of these methods involve digging deep into the electrical and mechanical components. You can increase how far you can travel with a few adjustments to how you ride and commute.

Ride in the Best Mode

Each electric scooter model offers various speed levels and power-saving modes. Riding in the optimal model for your electric scooter is one of the simplest ways you can extend your range. Riding in the best mode can also give you more battery life and put less pressure on the motor.

The best riding mode varies across scooter models. However, the general rule of thumb is to ride in the power-saving modes with lower-end scooters. You can utilize the faster features when you’re riding higher-end scooters.

You’ll have to do your due diligence and look into your electric scooter model to see which power setting works for your circumstances. Check out the manufacturer’s website or the user manual for the most accurate information. If you can’t find anything reliable, it’s likely that the Eco or power-saving mode is best.

Cruise Around

Accelerating too fast can drain your battery life and decrease your range. Thankfully, you can change your riding habits to increase your travel time.

Be sure that you’re not accelerating too fast or hard. Slowly build up speed and allow your scooter to coast or cruise along. You can also avoid riding at max speeds to extend your range. Pushing your scooter to the limit may be fun, but it can quickly drain your battery life.

Take your time and figure out what works for you. It may take a week or two to completely change your riding habits and adjust your speeds. However, adjusting your riding habits is sure to extend your electric scooter’s range.

Avoid Rough Terrain When Possible

Changing how and where you ride are additional ways you can extend your range. Avoiding rough terrains such as rocks and grass can extend your range. You can also avoid going up hills or traveling through mountainous areas.

Traveling through rough terrain forces your battery and motor to work harder. This extra pressure drains your battery and increases the wear and tear on your motor. These factors can shorten your overall range.

Try to re-route your commute to avoid hilly areas when possible. Consider using straight paths, sidewalks, or bike lanes to avoid any bumps along the way. Be sure to follow all your local jurisdictions to prevent injuries or fines.

Turn Off Other Electronics

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Turning off unnecessary features is another way you can extend your electric scooter’s range. Electrical features like the lights or Bluetooth settings can drain your battery faster, resulting in decreased travel distances.

Be sure the lights are turned off if you’re riding during the day. You can also consider purchasing a third-party light accessory so you don’t have to use your scooter’s light during nighttime rides. Ensuring any Bluetooth settings are off will also save your battery as you cruise through the city.

Clean Your Electric Scooter

Cleaning your electric scooter seems like a no-brainer. But did you know that it can improve your range in some cases? If you notice your scooter is traveling slower or struggling up hills, give it a deep clean.

Dirt, gunk, grime, and other debris can get into the nooks and crannies of your electric scooter. Buildup around the battery can even cause your battery to rise in temperature. This buildup can significantly impact your scooter’s performance, battery life, and range.

Be sure to clean the frame, wheels, and other mechanical components. You can use a cotton rag and some household soap. Just ensure all the electrical components are disconnected beforehand. As always, contact your manufacturer or consult your user manual for the most accurate information available.

Reduce the Weight

Reducing the weight you carry, or the weight of your electric scooter, can significantly impact your range. The more weight your scooter has to move, the more the battery and motor have to work. The extra force your electrical components use, the shorter your range.

Try to travel light whenever possible. Large backpacks, groceries, and other add-ons can significantly decrease your range. However, we’re not suggesting you sacrifice safety for range. Be sure you’re wearing a helmet and other safety gear as you cruise through the town.

Many riders have also reported an increase in range after they lost a few pounds. That means hitting the gym may be suitable for your health and your overall range.

Inflate the Tires

Ensuring your tires are properly inflated can also increase your electric scooter’s range. When a tire isn’t properly inflated, more of its surfaces touch the ground. This results in more friction. More friction can cause less energy efficiency, resulting in more battery usage and less travel time.

Be sure you’re following the recommended PSI guidelines for your scooter tires. You can typically find the recommended PSI on the tire itself, the manufacturer’s website, or in your user’s manual.

Going a little bit over the recommended PSI can increase your range in some cases. However, this can be dangerous if you aren’t careful. Tires that are inflated too much can cause uneven damage, slippery rides, injuries, and accidents. Proceed at your own risk.

Unfortunately, none of this applies to scooters with solid tires.

Make Sure the Brakes Aren’t too Tight

Brakes that are too tight can cause friction in the wheels, reducing your overall range in the process. Brakes that are too tight may cause your scooter to use more power to cover the same ground.

Be sure that your electric scooter’s brakes are correctly fitted. Spin the wheels manually and see if you notice any friction. If you notice any inconsistencies, consider loosening the brakes and trying again.

You should also check to see that the rear brakes aren’t getting stuck. You may have to inspect the rear fender, the wheel, or the brake itself. Brakes getting caught or debris stuck in between can also result in less range.

Don’t Drain Your Battery

This tip doesn’t directly improve your range, but it will prevent you from losing range over the long run. Electric scooter batteries suffer from wear and tear over time. Damage over a long period of time can affect your scooter’s max travel distance.

Make sure you’re not draining your electric scooter battery completely. When you discharge entirely an electric scooter battery, it loses some of its capacity and performance.

Charge your electric scooter battery frequently. Don’t let it fully discharge, and keep a little charge in it when you’re not using it. This is one of the ways you can avoid premature battery death and keep your range high.

Maintain Your Battery

There are other ways you should be maintaining your battery besides never letting it discharge completely. Following a few of these tips can prevent your range from decreasing and prolonging the lifespan of your electric scooter.

  • Don’t store your battery in extreme temperatures, whether hot or cold.
  • Ensure you’re using the original battery charger or that your charger is compatible with your battery’s voltage.
  • Unplug your battery when it’s fully charged or shows a green light on the charger
  • Don’t charge your battery immediately after a ride; let it cool down first.
  • Don’t let your battery completely drain; keep a little charge in it.
  • If you aren’t using your scooter for extended periods, put on a tender battery charger. Tender battery chargers don’t allow the battery to overcharge and control the charging process.

Upgrade Your Battery if Possible

Your electric scooter’s battery is one of the most essential components when it comes to range. Consider upgrading your battery if possible. A more powerful and robust battery can drastically improve your travel time.

However, not all electric scooter models support battery upgrades. DIY solutions are available, but they can be sketchy, dangerous, and hard to pull off.

Consult your manufacturer’s website or your user manual for the most accurate information. Keep in mind that DIY solutions or third-party upgrades may void your warranty in some cases. As always, proceed at your own risk.

Add an Extra Battery if Possible

Adding an extra battery can double your electric scooter’s range in some cases. Again, not all electric scooter models will have additional or dual-battery support.

This is an excellent investment If your electric scooter model supports additional batteries. Additional batteries can sometimes double your range and they always add more travel time. You can find backpacks to carry spare batteries and third-party add-ons.

Keep in mind that you may void your warranty if you use a DIY solution. Not to mention, these solutions can be dangerous if you aren’t sure what you’re doing. Always consult the manufacturer’s website or your user manual beforehand. As always, proceed with caution — safety is the top priority.