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What Should You Look For In A Folding Electric Bike?

Folding bikes add a unique feature to the already feature-rich world of E-Bikes. This is great, but if you’re trying to pick a bike out, it can also feel like one more problem for you to solve. However, the decision is going to be simpler than you might be expecting.

When buying a folding E-Bike, you should consider the bike’s weight, battery, pedaling system, and overall brand reputation. The folding hinge introduces a point of failure to the bike, so you’ll want to consider how durable the folding mechanism is as well.

You’re undoubtedly wondering how you can fold a bike with a motor and a rechargeable battery. The bike is designed in such a way that it may be folded as easily as a chair. Let’s take a look and see which sections of the bike can be affected by the folding mechanism, what to look for, and how to choose a folding electric bike.

Which Bike Components Does the Folding Mechanism Effect?

Foldable electric bike

A folding bike is precisely that, a bike that can be folded down to a smaller size. It’s possible to move it or store it as you please. Different folding bikes will have a variety of folding options. Each design will, of course, have its own folding speed, weight, price, durability, and ease of folding.

You will note that folding electric bikes have different levels of folding. Most can be folded at either the pedals, the handlebar, or the mainframe. As you fold your bike, you will have to remember that most parts will be affected.

Generally, folding electric bikes have a lot more parts and gadgets than standard bikes. These parts are what make it possible for the bike to fold. Unfortunately, they also make it easier for the bike to get damaged.

Since you have to do a lot of moving and manipulating of the bike in order to fold it, over time, some parts will definitely become weaker. Most often than not, the folding joint and the hinge are what become the weakest. Continuously welding them to increase their durability.

Parts of the handlebar have also been known to break, and fractures have been reported in frames. You should inspect your bike regularly so that you can catch these breakages early. Rusting, over-tightening of levers, rough-riding, and manufacturing faults can also all cause a defect in function.

Folding an E-Bike’s Tires

Most folding electric wheels will come with 20-inch wheels to make the wheels lighter and easier to pack together. This makes them much smaller than the tires of a standard bike. Their size makes folding the bike more manageable.

Though the wheels are smaller in size overall, they are much wider than standard bike tires. Fat tires have more benefits than slim ones. They are made of an extra elastic rubber with low pressure and greater shock and vibration absorbency, especially when riding on rough grounds.

You can ensure that you do not have a flat tire while out riding by making sure that your tires have pressure within their recommended range.

Adjusting an E-Bike’s Seat and Stem Height

As a biker, your riding position is critical. You will want to find a very comfortable position, and this position should enable you to pedal well and make it easy to control your bike.

The correct height for the seat will be a height where your feet reach the pedals at an appropriate height: not too low, nor too high. Your hips should be parallel to the ground.

So as not to injure yourself and to ride efficiently, you need to adjust your seat to the desired height. If you are seated on the bike seat and your legs are totally bent, raise the seat.

You can lower your seat if your legs are stretched out too far. The easiest way to adjust the stem height is by moving the headset spacers.

This is very important because, for a folding electric bike, many adjustments typically need to be made to find the optimal height for you as a rider. Make sure you get a bike that can easily be adjusted. The bike seat might have a quick release or may require you to use a tool, depending on the model.

Folding E-Bike Weight

The truth is that a folding electric bike is heavier than a traditional bike. For most, this is enough reason not to buy one. But the good thing is that manufacturers have taken this into consideration.

You will find that some folding electric bikes have removable batteries, which makes them easier to carry. After folding, you can still use the wheels of some folding electric bikes to push them along. Accessories like carrying handles have also been made available to make transporting the bike easier.

You can also opt for a folding electric bike that has a walk mode. The Lectric XP has been fitted with a walk mode to make carrying the bike easier.

It’s very simple to use the bike’s walk mode. The motor will engage at a speed similar to that of a slow walk when you hold down the minus button on the display pad. A “walk” indicator will appear on the display when walk mode is engaged. Should you want to deactivate, just press and hold the minus button.

The Stiffness of Folding E-bikes

For a smoother ride, you need to ensure that your folding electric bike has excellent shock absorbers. Shock absorbers will help to even out vibrations and bumps as you ride. Tires alone are not enough to absorb the shocks.

Adjustable shock absorbers can also help you control the wheels and distribute your weight. So, depending on the kind of ground you’re riding on, you may need to make sure you have suitable shock absorbers. They can be a bit expensive, but they will save you from feeling the full effect of a bump.

The adjustable shock absorbers compress and expand with each impact. They make it possible for the wheels to move up and down without affecting the rest of the bike. They reduce the overall effect of vibrations and bumps that the rider experiences.

If the ground you will be riding on is rough, you need to ensure that your folding electric bike has dual shock absorbers. Dual shock absorbers will also require proper maintenance.

What Should You Look For in a Folding Electric Bike?

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There are specific and essential features you should consider before settling on a particular bike.

  • Confirm that the battery’s voltage and capacity for the bike you want will be enough to power your bike.
  • Check the maximum weight limit for your bike. This will prevent you from wearing out your bike if you happen to be on the heavier side.
  • Confirm that the bike’s pedaling system is the best type for you. Folding electric bikes can have manual, pedal-assist, and electric modes. If you have problems with your knees, then I guess you won’t be choosing the manual one.
  • It would probably also be a good idea to research evidence of the bike’s quality. This will help you confirm whether the actual performance of the bike is as good as manufacturers say. You can search for videos and reviews online, or if there is a bike shop nearby, go have a look and even test.

How To Choose an Electric Folding Bike

So you’ve finally decided to get a folding electric bike, but your first thought is, “how do I choose one?” Continue reading to find out.

The Weight

Well, it would be pointless to buy a bike that you can’t lift or carry. So the first thing you need to check is the weight. Considering you might need to move the bike up to your apartment or office or put it on a train, then weight can be a deal-breaker.

However, you can go for models that can make the lifting easier for you. The Brompton Electric has a removable battery and the Gocycle Gx has wheels that help the rider transport it.

Ability to fold

Before buying a folding electric bike, consider the space you will be storing the bike in at your apartment or workplace. You need to measure the storage area and ensure that it can fit once the bike is folded.

Some folding electric bikes will be easier to fold and less complicated, while others will be quite the opposite. Before making a final choice, you will need to have a feel for the bike’s folding process. If it is too complicated for you, then it would be easier to choose a simpler one.

Battery, Range, and Electric System

The battery and the electric system will determine the distance you will cover with your folding electric bike. Knowing this, you need to calculate the length of your ride to understand how much charge is required. You will also need to know how long the battery will take to charge.

To make sure that your bike is easy to fold, most bikes will have their motor in the hub of a wheel. Make sure that when you are purchasing your bike you enquire about the life expectancy of your battery.

When buying a folding electric bike you will need to know the terrain you are covering. Your weight will also determine how long the charge will last. Target to get a bike that can last between 22-55 miles per charge.


Most folding electric bikes will come fully equipped. You will be able to get front and rear lights, rack, mudguards, and kickstand. The best thing is to get a bike which you do not need to purchase other parts individually.

Considering that purchasing a folding electronic bike is a costly affair, you do not need the headache of missing extras.

What’s the Best Folding Electric Bike?

If you have read all the above and you are now ready to purchase a folding electric bike. We recommend the Lectric XP 2.0, where you can get the latest upgrade at a very reasonable price.

The bike has a speed of 45km/h and can comfortably do 42-72 km from a battery of  48V 500Wh. The upgrade has seen it improve its cargo-carrying capacity and a mounting for both front and rear baskets.

Security-wise, it has also been taken care of by having a mounting point for the lock to be installed. This means no more zip-tie. It has a more comfortable sitting position, wider handlebars, and more space for adding accessories.

What’s the Lightest Folding Electric Bike?

The lightest folding electric bike currently is the Tern Verge X11. Has a very sleek look and weighs 10.2kg. Do not undermine its ability to perform due to its weight; it has 11 gears that efficiently help it manage hills.

The Tern Verge X11 has powerful Shimano Deore hydraulic brakes. Its size should not scare you as it is very easy to fold.


You’ve undoubtedly read everything, but your mind has begun to persuade you that a foldable electric bike may be too much effort. To learn more about the differences between folding and non-folding electric bikes, check out our next article.