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What’s a Hybrid Electric Bike?

While many bikes are designed for one main purpose (like road bikes and mountain bikes), there’s a middle ground of bikes that are really designed to do it all. These are called Hybrid bikes. Hybrid electric bikes are really not too different, they’re just adding the electric bike components to a hybrid bike frame. Some people get confused, though, thinking that hybrid means electric – that it’s a hybrid of the person and the motor power.

A hybrid e-bike is simply an e-bike that has a frame and tires allowing it to do many different activities. It’s not just a road bike for commuting or just a mountain bike for use on trails. It’s able to fill many roles. Hybrid E-Bikes exist, but the “hybrid” term doesn’t refer to the electronics.

Hybrid e-bikes are comfortable, stable, and easy to use. This makes them popular among riders of all different ages. A hybrid is usually a combination of more than one type of e-bike, so riders can use countless different types of hybrid e-bikes that are available. So what are the things you need to know before deciding what hybrid e-bike is best for you?

Are Hybrid E-Bikes Different from Normal E-Bikes?

E Bike Bicycle In Austria. Mountain Ebike

While the name might sound like a mouthful, hybrid e-bikes are not as different from e-bikes as you may think. The major difference between the two is the roles they can play and the features of both bikes. While standard e-bikes are typically built for speed and power used during a commute, hybrid e-bikes can be used for various purposes, including traveling around town, commuting, or even trail riding.

Still, here’s a breakdown of the differences between a regular e-bike and its hybrid counterpart:

  • Electric road bikes have a lighter weight than hybrids. While regular e-bikes weigh 50 to 60 pounds on average, a hybrid e-bike can weigh over 70 pounds.
  • The tires on e-bikes are narrower than those of hybrids. Regular e-bikes have narrower tires to increase speed and cover longer distances. On the other hand, hybrid e-bikes have wider tires to navigate rougher terrains smoothly.
  • Standard e-bikes offer multiple riding and hand positions for users, while hybrids have just one riding position – upright seated – and also only one hand position.
  • Hybrid e-bikes have straight handlebars, while regular e-bikes have drop handlebars that provide riding comfort and power to riders.
  • Some hybrid e-bikes are foldable, while e-bikes are not foldable.
  • Believe it or not, regular e-bikes are usually more expensive than hybrid e-bikes. You can purchase a quality hybrid e-bike at any price between $1100-$4000, while a standard quality e-bike would typically cost somewhere between $2000-$9000.

What are the Different Types of Hybrid E-Bikes?

Generally, there are two categories of hybrid e-bikes, with models falling under either of these two types. They are recreational/leisure and urban commuter e-bikes.

Recreational/Leisure Hybrid E-Bikes

As the name implies, leisure e-bikes can be used for just about anything recreational – going to the shopping mall, cruising around town, and so on. They are perfect for tasks where a lightweight bike would be more convenient. You can also easily take a recreational hybrid e-bike camping or on vacation. 

These bikes are built to handle rough terrains, like dirt roads and towpaths, so you can do a little bit of off-roading with them too. An example of a recreational hybrid e-bike is the SWANGTRON E-Bike EB-6 (on Amazon). The EB-6 is a hybrid e-bike with an aluminum alloy frame and a 36V removable battery.

With this bike, you can ride anywhere you please and experience new and rougher terrains. You can expect to get about 20 miles of mileage using this state-of-the-art machine.

Urban Commuter Hybrid E-Bikes

Schwinn Loop Adult Folding Bike, 20-inch Wheels, 7-Speed Drivetrain, Rear Carry Rack, Carrying Bag, White

These e-bikes are famous for their ability to carry loads. They are lightweight and highly efficient. To ensure that they effectively execute their functions, these hybrids are built with slick tires and rigid forks, and can also come with mudguards and lights.

They are mostly owned by workers who need them to get to work, so in a way, they can conveniently replace a car. There’s even enough space on these e-bikes to store extra luggage, like a baby seat or luggage.

A perfect example of an urban commuter hybrid e-bike is the Schwinn Loop Foldable Bike (on Amazon). With its lightweight aluminum step-through frame and easy folding mechanism, this is one hybrid that all urban commuters should own.

Although these two categories are definitely umbrella terms, hybrids can also be classified based on their frame style. Considering these categories, you have the step-thru, sloping top tube, and straight top tube:

  • Slopping Top Tube: This kind of hybrid is commonly used by women. It has space for the addition of additional features, like a rack on the back.
  • Straight Top Tube: Taller people would appreciate this frame. It makes for a very sturdy hybrid.

How to Select the Right Hybrid Bike

Dutch electric black

While hybrid bikes can offer an endless list of benefits for you, it’s still important to know how to choose a bike that suits you best. First of all, note that hybrids are best used by people who need to navigate both rough and smooth terrains. If you’re that kind of rider, or you would like to go on the regular rides in the country but also enjoy riding to work through the city, then a hybrid might be just what you need.

Once you’ve sorted that out, the next factors you should consider are the battery and motor. The battery is usually the most important factor on any e-bike, hybrid or not.


Since the battery determines the range you’ll get out of your bike, you should check out the range on whatever hybrid e-bike you’re considering. As a tip, you should target hybrids with doubled battery capacity. They are the best for long riding sessions.


The tires determine the bike’s speed, and that’s why you need to pay attention to them. Smaller tires mean more speed and are highly recommended. Also, since comfort is an important aspect to consider, ensure you get tires that feel comfortable for you.


E-bikes with a front suspension fork are good options because they absorb bumps on rough terrain roads. Then wider tires will also improve comfort as they help maintain traction.

Most importantly, pay a lot of attention to the price. As you may expect, more costly hybrid e-bikes usually come with the best materials, battery and motor quality, and warranty.


While hybrid e-bikes may not be as good as some higher-end e-bikes, they have enough features that have made them a popular choice among riders. Once you find a hybrid that suits your needs, you’ll realize just how incredible these machines can be.