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Are Electric Motorcycles Worth Buying Over Gas?

Electric motorcycles are becoming extremely popular as fuel prices increase and customers become more environmentally aware. But what makes electric motorcycles different, and are they worth buying? 

When you consider operating and maintenance costs, riding experience, and peace of mind, electric motorcycles are much better than the traditional gas models. However, the initial purchase can be expensive, and you’ll have to replace the batteries after three years. 

Let’s look at the pros and cons of electric motorcycles and what makes them different from manuals so you can make a more informed decision on whether they’re worth getting. 

Are Electric Motorcycles Worth Buying?

eRockit Electric Motorcycle

Electric motorcycles are definitely worth buying if you want to save on gas expenses and maintenance costs. They also offer a somewhat better riding experience, are quieter, and are less likely to overheat despite most electric bikes’ faster acceleration than manuals. 

However, they are expensive, have a limited range, and replacing the batteries is costly. Before you decide whether to get an electric motorcycle or a manual one, let’s first weigh the pros and cons of each. 

Pros of Electric Motorcycles 

Electric Motorcycles are Cheaper to Ride 

With gas prices increasing daily, many people are looking for energy-efficient means of transport. While most manual motorcycles will use much less gas than the average car, electric motorcycles take energy saving to the next level. 

It’s incredibly cost-effective to drive electric motorcycles, and the cost savings on gas will help offset the initial cost quickly. 

They are Low Maintenance 

Electric motorcycles have little to no regular maintenance needs. Apart from changing the tires when worn out or replacing the drive belt, you’ll hardly spend anything on maintenance. 

The same goes for repairing an electric motorcycle. Since they don’t have so many mechanical parts, you don’t have to worry about overheating, engine problems, or chain issues. The only time you’ll ever need to repair an electric motorcycle is when it’s been in an accident. 

With gas motorcycles, on the other hand, you have to pay for oil changes, oil and air filters, chain wax, and multiple other maintenance expenses. Considering these costs, the total cost of keeping a manual motorcycle becomes clearer. 

However, it’s still much cheaper than keeping a car! 

The Driving Experience is Better 

One thing that distinguishes many high-end luxury cars from average ones is the engine’s smoothness. Anyone who’s driven a gas motorcycle knows how hectic it can be. They’re hard to balance, and it takes time to get used to the engine noise. 

Electric motorcycles are comparatively easier to drive. There’s no engine noise, and the motorcycle goes to full speed smoothly without requiring any gear changes. Best of all, it’s much lighter and easier to turn, which makes your ride much smoother. 

Cons of Electric Motorcycles 

Electric Motorcycle

They are More Expensive Initially  

While you can get cheaper electric motorcycles with limited features, the best ones are comparatively more expensive than most manuals. This has to do with the high costs of energy-efficient batteries. 

Fortunately, if you consider how much you’ll save on gas and maintenance, investing in electric motorcycles is much better. 

The Batteries are Expensive to Replace 

An electric motorcycle’s battery will last 2-4 years if taken care of. During this time, the batteries will require very little maintenance. However, the replacement cost of these batteries is usually high, especially for the later models. 

If you have an average electric motorcycle, the battery replacement cost could be less than $50. However, it may be as much as 10x higher for premium models. 

What Makes an Electric Motorcycle Different Than a Gas Motorcycle?

The main difference between an electric motorcycle and a manual is that electric motorcycles run on stored energy from batteries, while manuals run on gas-powered combustion engines. Consequently, electric motorcycles don’t need metal chains and other mechanical parts used by manuals. 

Electric motorcycles are much quieter, require less maintenance, and have better acceleration than many gas motorcycles. 

There aren’t any gears with electric motorcycles, and beginners can learn how to ride more easily. With manuals, however, you have to learn how to change the gears and balance, and the weight of manual motorcycles makes driving them much harder.