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Are Electric Scooters Dangerous? Here’s What the Data Says

E-scooters have taken the world of transportation by storm, offering a practical solution to the woes of traffic jams and a fun alternative to traditional modes of transport. A recent study predicted that by 2028, an estimated 129 million ebike’s, escooters, and other “last-mile” options will populate roads across the globe. But how safe are electric scooters?

Electric scooters are not automatically (statistically) more dangerous than other transportation options as long as they’re driven with care. Users should be aware of the risks, like a scooter’s smaller wheels, faster acceleration, and limited braking abilities. Use the right gear to scoot safely.

Let’s take a look at the various factors to consider when determining how dangerous an e-scooter can be. We’ll also consider safety features, safety precautions you can take, and relevant laws that govern scooter use around the world.

How Dangerous Are Electric Scooters?

Three Young girl friends on vacation having fun driving electric scooter through the city park

The danger behind anything lies in how it’s used. Although e-scooters are certainly implicated in hazardous situations and injuries, they aren’t inherently dangerous things. The use and regulation of these electric-powered scooters tend to be the main concern.

As a transport utility and an amusement, an e-scooter is as good as it gets. It’s fast and has proven to be environmentally friendly since there are no carbon emissions caused by it.

E-scooters are powered via an electric source, which is usually a battery housed where the rider stands.

The electric nature of these devices has contributed to their popularity, especially as transportation shifts in an eco-friendly direction. Along with that, scooters can be a cheaper alternative to the usual means of transport as fuel prices spike globally.

However, the zippy, seemingly benign nature of e-scooters can give users a false sense of security. This leads some users to take risks that can eventually lead to accidents.

There are various reports focusing on the injuries or even deaths caused by e-scooters. But what these reports often disregard is the negligence of the rider or their lack of practice.

Some accidents involving e-scooters have been due to the riders being under the influence of alcohol or other mind-altering substances. At times, pedestrians become the ill-fated targets of these e-scooters, getting knocked over by the riders or getting injured while trying to get out of the way.

Some of the danger also comes from varying regulations around e-scooter usage. Since e-scooters are predicted to become a major means of transport in the near future, many countries are developing concrete laws for a safe experience. 

Electric Scooter Laws Around the World

E-scooters have become increasingly popular in recent years, leading to countries around the globe taking new measures to ensure road safety and regulate the use of these machines.

Countries in Europe have leaned towards laws that made sure that the regulation and usage of e-scooters is tracked via apps linked to the service in case of any mishaps. This serves as protection for the company and for the users as well.

Various other countries have also set out detailed guidelines to regulate the surge of accidents caused by e-scooters. For example, in Germany, a license for an e-scooter is not required if the top speed is below 25 km/h and it weighs less than 20 kg.

However, since most people are unfamiliar with e-scooter laws, some governments have made it mandatory for companies to include guidelines within the apps that are often used to operate these e-scooters.

On the other hand, Malaysia has completely banned the use of e-scooters in city streets, imposing fines even for first offenders. They have also limited their use in parks, shopping malls, and pedestrian walkways.

The matter of legalizing e-scooters around the globe has become a matter of great contention. Nonetheless, these machines have the potential to become a viable alternative to the ever growing urban congestion.

The advantage of being a zero carbon emission mode of transportation make these machines an ever more favorable choice in order to protect the environment. This factor has the capacity to shift the tide in favor of these machines around the world.

Until e-scooter friendly laws are introduced and implemented, it is our responsibility to ride scooters with basic safety precautions to keep ourselves and others safe.

What Makes Electric Scooters Dangerous? 

As e-scooters have grown in popularity, many improvements in design and features have been seen, with many new ergonomic features and safety standards.

Studies also suggest that people lean towards the e-scooters that look minimalist and modern on the first glance. A compact design means smaller wheels, which can be dangerous. According to basic laws of physics alone, one can imagine how smaller wheels would have difficulties in coping with high speeds and potholes.

Most scooters have 8” or 10” wheels, which are pretty small when compared to the standard 26-inch tire of a bicycle. First time riders tend not to focus on this detail which has the potential to lead towards a nasty accident.

Another important factor to consider is the braking power. It plays a vital role in making a great e-scooter. Installing strong brake pads that feel firm and steady and do not wear out after hard braking is a necessity as well. A well-equipped scooter means the prices will be higher, but safety should always be your first priority. 

The speed and brakes of an e-scooter can make it either a super safe mode of traveling or a very dangerous one. The battery isn’t of too much concern as it is the most regulated piece of equipment on the scooter. It’s important to understand, however, that faulty batteries should be replaced right away.

It’s worth mentioning that external factors like aggressive drivers and potholes are dangers to e-scooter users too. Cyclists mostly get the worst of it; therefore, it’s the best to learn from them and steer away from such issues. 

How to Safely Ride Electric Scooters

E-scooters are sometimes implicated in injuries of the lower and upper extremities since these are usually the areas that experience the full force of the accident. Losing control at high speed and dragging along the street usually means scraped knees at the least. 

We all remember falling from bikes as children and the impact it had on us. Falling from a vehicle with a much higher speed could be many times worse.

As kids we were always told to wear helmets and elbow and knee pads to avoid any injuries while riding a bike; these habits could come in handy with e-scooters too, as wearing proper protective gear is essential.

It’s recommended to always wear protective gear (on Amazon) while riding an e-scooter. It offers a significant amount of protection from falls that could have a dangerous impact on your body.

The risks and dangers involved with e-scooters can be managed and prevented. Periodical maintenance of e-scooters is also encouraged. Tire maintenance is another essential if you own an e-scooter.  

Before taking your scooter out for a ride, it’s a good idea to conduct some security checks as well. This could include checking the tire pressure and condition along with considering the battery level. One should change the brakes when they are starting to slip.

Most e-scooters don’t come with built-in side/rear view mirrors, which can be a huge concern, especially when you’re making turns in traffic and crowded urban areas. But thankfully, there is an option to add external rear view mirrors (on Amazon).

Installing reflective stickers and headlamps on your e-scooter is another way to make the machine safer to ride. Illuminating the scooter from a distance with reflective stickers (on Amazon) and adding a headlamp (on Amazon) will help you stay safe, especially at night.  

What Makes a Safe Electric Scooter?

Happy kids standing on electric scooter outdoor

Before you make the decision to buy an electric scooter, it’s important to analyze and understand if it’s worth investing in. Knowing if they are safe and reliable is the basic requirement every buyer should have.

These machines have received mixed reviews since their endorsement in the market depends on the brand and its utility.

To feel confident before the purchase of these machines, the final decision always boils down to how much one knows about e-scooters. Researching and considering each factor thoroughly before buying an e-scooter is what really matters.

E-scooter manufacturers need to make sure their users are following standardized guidelines to ensure that every e-scooters passes a certain safety threshold before they go on the market.

Some features that come right of the bat as a prerequisite for a safe e-scooter are listed below:

  • Quality/reliable yet mass producible parts (reduced cost).
  • Powerful and durable brakes necessary for road safety.
  • A steady suspension.
  • A speed which isn’t too slow or too fast, suited for the purpose.
  • Ergonomic handle-bars, standing platform.
  • Number of headlamps and brake lights.
  • A loud enough horn for emergency purposes

To encourage a safe experience when it comes to the use of this mode of transport, the company should offer loyalty services for the e-scooters they have built. This means to ensure overall safety of the riders and those around them.

These are the measures taken by the producers of the scooter. Other parties involved such as riders, pedestrians, and motor vehicle drivers should generally be cautious of their surroundings as well. 

What Are the Safest Scooters on the Market?

Moving on, let’s look at the two safest scooters available on the market. This will also help you learn the reasons why they’ve proven themselves as safe. 

XIAOMI MI 1S (on Amazon)

Being lightweight and having a foldable frame are the best two features any scooter can offer. This e-scooter not only has those features but it also gives a decent range of 18.5 miles on a full charge. The max speed is 15.5 mph.

The XIAOMI app is another plus point. It tracks and shows the e-scooter analytics in real-time. XIAOMI also offers other e-scooters such as the MI Pro 2. 


The minimalistic and lightweight design makes this a popular e-scooter with a relatively small motor. Although it doesn’t ride as fast as others (the max speed is 12.4mph), it gets the job done in style and it’s relatively easy to store.

The range is only 7.5 miles on a full charge. The most attractive feature that it comes with is its own app and support. Users can easily keep track of all the usage and understand the battery trends as well. 

PURE AIR GO (on Amazon)

This e-scooter has proven to be one of the most reliable ones on the market. The size, water resistance, powerful motor, and a refined range offering 12.4 miles on full charge makes for a perfect choice. 

However, the maximum speed is 15.5 mph. It comes with 10-inch wheels and it’s fairly cheap compared to other options.


This variant is more adventurous as it offers 37.2 miles on a full charge. Its max speed is 15.5 mph.

It is indeed built like a tank since it excels on hills and long distance trips. Although it has a high range, the vehicle does weigh more than most e-scooters.

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