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Are Folding E-Bikes Worth It

So many people have had some kind of experience with riding a bike. Especially a “traditional” bike. But with the world becoming more fast-paced, and technology becoming the in-thing, everything is being improved to be more convenient and powerful- and bikes are no exception. Developments in smart cycling technology have led to wonderful creations, such as the electric bike and eventually the folding electric bike.

Folding electric bikes are easier to transport and store, making them a more flexible transportation option than non-folding bikes. They may cost a bit more, but the difference in price is coming down quickly. Folding bikes have a weak point (At the fold) but sturdy hinges prevent problems here.

If you are still doubting if it’s necessary to have a bike that’s foldable; you need to read on and see why these bikes may be worth your time and money. All aspects such as knowing what’s the best folding bike, whether they are challenging to ride, reasons as to why this might be the best bike for beginners, will be covered below. Read on to find all these answers and more!

What’s the Best Folding Electric Bike?

Foldable electric bike in a smaal town at the front door

There are so many good folding electric bikes that exist, that it’s pretty hard to name “the best”. However, if you want one that’s not too expensive but still high-quality, you definitely need to check out the Lectric XP 2.0 Step-Through.

Lectric XP 2.0 Step-Through

This is a bike that promises quality at a really affordable price. Even with added features, the price is still incredibly reasonable.


One of the most impressive things about it is its puncture-resistant fat tires. The front fork suspension will help out a lot with the bike’s handling, especially when going over bumps or braking.

Another remarkable feature of the  Lectric XP 2.0 Step-Through is that the handlebars are a bit wider than normal. This ensures that the user has optimal control and comfort, not to mention that they’ll be able to accommodate more accessories.

These can consist of items like; a phone holder, mirrors, bike lock, front rack, and baskets. All pretty cool and useful, considering how the price would still be affordable if you added them all.

The Lectric XP 2.0 Step-Through has been fitted with a walk mode, which makes it easier to walk alongside your bike instead of carrying it. If you hold down the “minus” button on the display control pad, and the motor will move at a speed similar to a slow walk. Due to an increase in weight when the bike is folded, this walk mode feature will be very useful.


Another plus is that the bike is not too heavy, so you can carry it up some stairs to your apartment or office. The bike’s weight is between 62lb-77lb.

Let’s not forget to mention the seat post and saddle are almost as comfortable as a recliner. Despite being a little bigger and heavier than a normal bike seat, it is very comfortable when riding.

Of course, we cannot fail to mention the removable battery located inside the front half of the folding frame. Just fold the bike to access the battery compartment. The battery for the bike comes with a key to turn it on/off and keep it locked to the frame.

While the Lectric XP 2.0 might be incomparable in price and quality, let’s look at two other good foldable bike choices.

Gocycle GX

The Gocycle GX won’t let you down if you want a bike that is well-designed and elegant. Folding the bike is a breeze; you simply release the two locks quickly to fold it. You’ll need to use a thick rubber band to hold the compressed components together. The bike can also be switched to trolley mode, making it easier to push.


Gocycle GX comes with a 250/500 W motor fitted to the front hub. A rechargeable battery is hidden within the aluminum frame, thus contributing to its sleek frame. When riding on maximum power, you can go up to a range of 40-45 km.


The Gocycle GX is equipped with 20″ fat tires that provide a comfortable grip while riding on the road. The bike’s rear suspension ensures a stable ride by helping to absorb excessive vibrations. Even when traveling long distances, you’re guaranteed a pleasant and enjoyable journey.

We can’t forget the various accessories that come with this bike. Five LEDs built into the handlebar to show the current battery level, Bluetooth connected GoCycle app, Kickstand, phone mount, mudguard etc.

Brompton Electric

If there’s a folding electric bike that will amaze you, it’s the Brompton Electric bike which can fold to a ⅓ of its size.


It takes 4 hours to charge the removable battery and 2 hours using a fast charger. The battery is fitted in a small shoulder bag placed at the front.

Something to note is that the battery cannot be plugged into the bike without the bag. The bag also has pockets that can be used to store the keys, a bike charger, and your phone if you want to charge it.


Brompton Electric comes with the most fantastic set of wheels. Two 16 inch wheels, plus an additional three wheels. The extra wheels are positioned with one at the fender and two behind the seat post. These extra wheels are to allow the bike to be pulled.

Are Folding Bikes More Difficult To Ride?

Black e bicycle against green hedge

Unfortunately, for most people, a folding electric bike can be a bit more difficult to ride. To know precisely what makes it difficult to ride this bike type, we should look at its design.

  • Wheels:   The smaller wheels make it hard to cover long distances. It also makes it more difficult to pedal due to resistance on the tires. Small wheels are also not ideal for handling bumps well.
  • Seat post:  The sitting position also matters a lot, as a rider of a folding bike is usually sat in an upright position. Due to wind resistance, more upright may not be the best position for speed.
  • Hinges and joints: Due to the frequent screwing and unscrewing of some of the parts, you may find that they gradually become loose. This could cause a shaking sensation while riding the bike.

Are Folding Bikes Good For Beginners?

Buying an e-bike of any kind can be intimidating, and even more so for a beginner. You have to consider many factors; the price range, the battery, model design, weights, and so many other things. All that research and shopping around is enough to give anyone a headache.

The question is, instead of just a regular e-bike, would a folding e-bike be suitable for a beginner? Yes, it would be. They are generally comfortable to ride, safe to use, and easy to learn how to use. Plus, some e-bike manufacturers have made bikes that are specifically for beginners.

Let’s look at some factors you’ll need to consider as a beginner looking forward to buying their first folding e-bike.

Your Budget

How much money are you willing to part with to get your first e-bike? Considering most folding electric bikes range in price between $700-$ 5000, it can be a big purchase. One thing you must keep in mind is that bikes with better quality parts will be more expensive. Generally, you do get what you pay for.

What’s your Reason for Buying?

Different bikes serve different purposes. You need to carefully consider this to avoid buying a bike that will not meet your needs. Will you use the bike for running errands, commuting to work, sports, or exercise?

Your primary consideration should be the terrain you’ll encounter, the frequency of use, and the duration of your intended rides.

Is a Foldable Bike the Best Choice?

You have the money, and you know why you want a folding electric bike, but is a folding e-bike really the best option? Why shouldn’t you just buy a cheaper standard bike instead?

Of course, this would be okay, until you remember there are several reasons why a foldable e-bike may or may not be the best choice. There is the issue of space, energy usage, security, and any bike regulations in your part of the world.

Why are Folding Electric Bikes Beginner-Friendly?

There are many reasons why folding electric bikes are suitable for beginners. Check out our list below for all the details.

Easy to Use

For kids, they are the easiest bikes to start learning to ride with. Just make sure to practice with them in an open and safe environment. They can easily learn to get on and off the bike, about the brake system, and how to balance.

Comfortable and Safe

To have a more comfortable ride make sure to check the frame design and shape. The two will greatly determine your riding position and comfort. Make sure your saddle height is appropriately set, and it is set at a comfortable tilt. To ensure you have complete control of your bike, you also need to easily be able to reach the brake and lever.

Manufacturers of these bikes always make sure that the bikes have been tested for safety. So you generally won’t need to worry about the safety features, as they will have been carefully considered and tested beforehand. Try not to exceed the recommended weight limit for the bike.

Manageable and Convenient

Folding electric bikes are compact and lightweight when folded, making them easier to carry and manage. You get portability, mobility, and security all in one; allowing you to take your bike anywhere.

Easy to Maintain

Even as a beginner, you’ll find a folding e-bike incredibly easy to maintain, as long as you know how to take care of it. Keep the tires inflated, brakes adequately adjusted, nuts and bolts secured, bike clean and lubricated, and you’re good to go.

Customizable to Fit your Needs

The good thing about folding electric bikes is that manufacturers can consider your needs when making the bike. You can find a variety of bike styles to personalize elements like the handlebar position, style, size, shape, and, surprisingly, even the color.

Some manufacturers even offer upgrades, warranties, after-sale services, and further customization. Plus their expert and professional help will always be available. One company that is well known for doing all this is the manufacturer of the Brompton bike.

This means that one bike that is highly recommended is the Brompton electric for beginners. We discussed it earlier in this article, so you can revisit that if you want more details.

So, Are Folding E-Bikes Worth It?

If you look over all the features we’ve discussed above, I’m sure you’ll agree that they can indeed be worth it. Folding electric bikes are fantastic in terms of their benefits and design.

The folding electric bike is the perfect bike to have. And even if after buying it you discover you do not like it for one reason or another, it has outstanding resale value. In the previous article, we discussed all the features so it will not be hard for you to use.

But if you are still wondering whether the traditional bike is better than the electric folding bike, check out other articles on our website that discuss this topic further.