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Are There Any Tandem Electric Bikes?

Would you like to cruise the countryside with your partner or friend, taking in all the gorgeous sights and sounds together? Tandem bikes are made just for moments like that. But for some, riding on a conventional bicycle just isn’t enough; they want to enjoy their outings with a little more power. So, if you’re one of these people, why not try out an electric tandem bike?

Tandem E-Bikes do exist. Though there are a limited number of electric tandem bikes available on the market, there are some great options for you to consider, such as models by Pedego. Furthermore, you can convert your regular tandem bicycle into an electric bike using a conversion kit.

Electric tandem bikes have seen a recent surge in popularity and might be easier to see in the future. If you’re trying to make up your mind about getting one, continue reading. Below we have answered some common questions concerning tandem e-bikes. Also, if you’re thinking of converting your regular ride into an electric one, check out our guide at the end!

Do Tandem Electric Bikes Exist?

Electric tandem bicycle

Yes, a few companies are now creating tandem e-bikes. If you had wanted a tandem electric bike a few years back, you would’ve had to resort to converting a regular bike yourself.

But these days we’re slowly seeing more options becoming commercially available. So while tandem electric bikes may still be rare and unique, they’re available on the current e-bike market.

A standard tandem bicycle comes with two seats, two sets of pedals- the electric version comes with all that plus a 500-1200-Watt motor to power the pedals. We researched a few makes and models that we can recommend to you. Check out our list below:

Pedego e-Tandem Bike

Pedego was one of the first companies to introduce tandem e-bikes to the market. The Pedego e-tandem bike has a 500W motor, 17.5ah Li-ion battery, and has a range of 45 miles. In addition, the rear stand has a cargo rack, giving plenty of room to store your bags or items you need to transport.

Moustache Bike

Moustache Bike is another e-bike manufacturer with two incredible tandem e-bike models. The Samedi 27 X2 TRK and Samedi 27 X2 VTT models come with 500-watt motors with dual batteries, hydroformed alloy frames, and MT5 Hydraulic disc brakes. So, if you are looking for a tandem e-bike with electric shifters, bosch central drive systems, and a total power of 1000-watts, these bikes could be for you.

Van Raam

Van Raam’s Twinny Plus Tandem and Kivo Plus Tandem are two interesting models with variations for kids and people with disabilities. Both of these easily convert into electric tandem bikes.

E-tandem bikes have significantly increased the possibilities of things you can achieve with one bike. It has become much easier to go on rides with your kids, transport groceries, or even do simple errands.

Newer versions of e-bikes come with high-power motors and long-range batteries, making them more suitable for carrying heavy loads at high speeds. E-Tandem bikes may not be great for mountain biking but, with their power and components, they are becoming a great option for riding around with heavy loads.

How Much Does an Electric Tandem Bike Cost?

Electric tandem bicycle. Details of the double battery on the chassis and engine

Electric Tandem Bikes are an expensive purchase. More luxurious models can go up to $5,000, while simpler models can be found for around $2,500.

You can expect to pay about $3500 for a decent electric tandem with additional modifications such as electric alarms, maintenance charging, and extended warranties.

Can 2 People Ride a Normal Electric Bike?

Yes, it is possible to transport two people on a typical electric bike, but it is not advisable. Generally, electric bikes are designed to support a certain weight; adding excessive weight will significantly affect its performance.

For example, courier bikes specifically designed to cater to heavy cargo may be able to support two people, but efficiency will greatly decrease if using a standard electric bike. Any additional weight will affect the range and power you can achieve.

If a bike has 45km range with a 700-Watt motor, performance will significantly drop with a second person on the bike. The same principle applies to cargo; the higher the weight of items you carry on the bike, the lower your bike’s range. Therefore, it’s highly advised to look carefully at a bike’s specifications before riding with a second person.

It’s possible, however, to increase the range and power of a bike with a few modifications. For example, you can increase the weight capacity by adding batteries or upgrading to a more powerful motor. 

The reality is, electric tandem bike development is still in its early stages, and the technology for these bikes is rapidly advancing every year. We hope to see better designs and models in the future.

Can You Convert a Traditional Tandem Bike to Electric? 

Yes, you can convert a traditional tandem bicycle into an electric tandem. Several kits and add-ons on the market will allow you to do just this. This is a great way to save money if you already have a bike in your garage. In fact, converting a regular bike into an e-bike would be less than half the cost of buying a new e-tandem.

This DIY is actually pretty straightforward. You only need a few tools and some patience to complete this project.

You’ll need:

Each tandem model has a different chain system and comes with a different assembly shape. Therefore, it’s difficult to point to which kit will perfectly work with your bike.  It’s best to examine your bike first and consult the manual before purchasing a kit.

Moreover, it is essential to note that some kits may not work with certain bikes due to the battery placement. Also, you need to consider the weight of cargo your bike can withstand, and choose the battery and the kit accordingly.

How To Install a Tandem Conversion Kit

  • Turn your bike upside down, remove the rear wheel, and install the new hub wheel with the motor. Next, tighten the assembly with the bike’s axle.
  • Now fix the battery; some kits come with a rack to hold the battery. Make sure you install it securely so your battery won’t fall off during riding.
  • Attach the controller to a secure place near the motor.
  • Attach the throttle to your handlebar, the small LCD attached to it will display the speed, distance, etc.
  • Now connect the wires coming from batteries, motor, and throttle to the controller.
  • Make sure you secure the components as close together as possible, so there is less wiring to worry about. Also, secure the wiring with plastic clips or electrical tape.
  • All done! You’re all set to ride your new e-bike.

Each kit has different components, so make sure you read the manual before starting anything. The e-tandem bike Conversion Kit (on Amazon) is excellent for those who want a more environmentally friendly solution to riding an e-bike, that doesn’t break the bank.


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