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Best Way To Lock An E-Bike: Lock Types And Method

Your bike locking strategy is important in preventing this because a weak lock might be an invitation for thieves to consider your bike as an opportunity. Because any compromise on security could cost you, the proper use of a secure lock and adoption of some smart locking methods is a great way to make sure you get to enjoy your e-bike for as long as possible!. 

There are a number options for locks to secure your bike. U-locks are the strongest, while cable locks are more convenient but less secure. A lock that can thread around the bike frame and through the tires will prevent theft of the tires as well. Consider using 2 locks for twice the protection.

If your bike is expensive, you should invest a larger amount in security. According to some studies, you should spend 15% of your bike’s total cost on its security. To do this, you can use multiple locking devices, or more high-quality bike locks. After we discuss lock types below, we’ll also consider the best actual methods of locking your bike and also how to secure accessories.

Which Bike Lock Types are Most Secure?

Password selection for protection. Girl locks bike parking lot

When it comes to securing your bike with locks, there are hundreds of locks available. But, no company assures that their lock is unbreakable. You can just increase the time factor for a thief to break a secure lock, but there’s no problem for thieves if they are determined.

Let’s discuss some secure locks types one by one to help you pick from them:

  1. U-Locks
  2. Folding Locks
  3. Chain Locks
  4. Cable Locks


U-Locks are among the strongest locks available in the market. Power tools are required to cut them. Even if a thief still wants to cut it by hand, he must have tough steel and a lot of time to successfully do it.

These types of locks are bolt cutter proof, heavier, and more costly, but they are extensively used by e-cyclists.

When choosing the right U-lock, you should check and ensure that it easily fits your bike and the things you want to lock it on. It comes with two different mechanisms: total disconnect U-shaped metal and one-side fold over a padlock.

This lock can be inserted through the tire or the frame of the bike and closed with the static solid object.

Folding Locks

Folding locks are new locks but are cheaper and less secure than u-locks. Their flexible shape makes them usable, whereas U-locks or chains don’t fulfill security requirements. They consist of parallel steel plates joined together with rivets.

These rivets help them change their shape according to available opportunities. Their compact shape makes it easy for users to carry in their bags with less space. These locks are also available in framelock, so the user can easily take them on the go.

Chain Locks

E-bikes come in different sizes and have different designs. Because of this locks are usually made with a large circumference.

Thanks to technology, this difficulty has been overcome with the help of Chain Locks. Its chain consists of metal links connected to a padlock.

It’s even ideal to lock your bike’s wheel and body with a heavy object. That way, you don’t have to compromise the security of your e-bike. These come in the form of wearable belts, so you don’t have to carry them in your bags. They can also be used with other types of locks to increase security.

Cable Locks

Among all the above, a cable lock is the least secure type of lock. It consists of a cable wrapped up with plastic. Its lock mechanism usually has a key or number pattern.

It’s an OK deterrent, which will prevent the most opportunistic of bike thieves, but the cable can be cut easily with a bolt cutter. So, it won’t stop a determined bike bandit.

These cable locks take less time to unlock, and some companies offer Bluetooth-based lock mechanisms to make it more secure and convenient. Sometimes adding more smarts like this makes a device more hackable, so that may not be a “feature” that some security-minded people want.

Depending upon the level of security you need to secure your e-bike and its expensive components, you should consider all the situations that you’ll face while parking your bikes.

Best Locks for E-Bikes

Anti-theft protection

If you are looking for some unbeatable and secure locks, then this article will definitely help you. Next we will discuss different types of locks available in the market.

When choosing an e-bike security lock, you should first consider your bike’s dimensions. Then choose a lock price that’s suitable for you and your budget. We have compiled our top 5 security locks with descriptions to help you decide:

  1. Kryptonite Evolution with FlexFrame-U Bracket

Kryptonite is considered to be the world-famous brand for selling e-bike U-locks. It also reimburses money if your bike is stolen due to forced lock opening. Its 13mm maximum protection steel shackle is provided with 10mm steel cable for double protection.

Its dimensions are  3.25″ x 7″ and cable length is 4′. For more details, visit this link: Kryptonite Evolution with FlexFrame-U Bracket (on Amazon).

  1. INTEKIN Bike U Lock

Intekin’s Bike U Lock is ranked in the world’s best security locks. Its U-lock, composed of steel alloy and silicon, is cutting and leveraging-resistant.

Silicon shields lock from dust. Copper lock cylinder prevents forces opening of the lock. Its U-shaped parts diameter is ≤1.18inch and dimensions are 8.3*5.7inch. Check this lock at INTEKIN Bike U Lock (On Amazon).

  1. Dokter Folding Bike Lock

This anti-theft lock is fully covered with rubber lacquer, which prevents it from rust and corrosion. Its length is 2.6 feet and weighs only 1.26 pounds. So it is highly portable and can be carried just about anywhere. It’s size in inches is: 2.63 x 2.16 x 2.95 when folded. NDakter Folding Bike Lock (on Amazon).

  1. Titanker Bike Chain Lock

Titanker Bike Chain Lock is made up of 8mm thick heavy duty steel, which is well known for its resistance against cutting. The total length of the chain lock is 3.3 feet with a portable weight of 2.5 pounds. This anti-theft lock is secure because the key can only be removed when locked.

It protects the key from being lost. Moreover, it comes with two keys so you can put one key at home as a backup option in case of key loss. This lock contains a protective cloth and dust cover which protects the chain from scratching and rusting. Titanker Bike Chain Lock (on Amazon)

  1. NDakter Bike Lock Cable

NDakter Bike Lock Cable is super secure with a 5-digit resettable combination chain lock. It is much more secure than a 4-digit lock. You can set your personalized combination of numbers. This bike cable is made up of braided steel wire with high strength and flexibility.

It can resist 2.4KN of tension. It comes with a protective PVC coating which prevents any scratching. Resettable combination mechanism offers a keyless system which is more convinient to use.

It can be use for multiple purposes since the length of the cable is 4 feet, which is enough to lock 2-3 bikes together. NDakter Bike Lock Cable (on Amazon).

Best Ways to Lock an E-Bike

There are a number of ways to lock an e-bike to make them safe and secure. Some of them are discussed below. Each way of locking has the goal of giving any thieves a difficult time and deterring them.

  • Snaking through the main triangle: This is the most basic way to lock any e-bike. Locks should be snaked from the rear wheel to the main frame triangle of the bike, or from main frame triangle to a fixed object to keep it from rolling. Make sure that the object used as a fixed support is strong and reliable enough. Cross checking can be done by shaking the fixed object. 
  • Locking through U-locks or D-locks: U-locks or D-locks are considered the most secure way to lock any bike. They ensure the highest safety when used correctly. Many people are unaware of how to use them correctly, so they buy large U-locks. But, thieves use hydraulic jacks and crowbars to cut locks – the bigger the area offered, the more opportunities for them to use these hydraulic jacks and crowbars. Using smaller U-locks will ensure a higher resistance to thieves.
  • Locking through chains: Chains offer the highest resistance to the angle grinders that are used to cut any type of lock. This is because it is difficult to hold the chain and grind it simultaneously. Chains also require two cuts to break. 
  • Removal of front wheel: This way of locking can be implemented if your e-bike has quick-release axles. You can remove the front wheel and lock it with the main triangle of the bike or to some fixed object. No thief would ever bother to steal a bike that needs to be assembled first. Having to spend more time stealing your bike endangers the thief, so he will think twice before touching your bike. 
  • Using additional lock: Using two locks can be the most secure way to lock your bike. One lock is used to snake between the rear wheel and the triangle of the main frame, and the other is used between the front wheel and the fixed lock up object. It will be harder for a thief to steal a bike where he needs to cut two locks together or cut one lock and then carry the bike because it can’t roll forward.
  • Lock to something reliable and legal: Always look for some strong support to lock your bike. The support must be reliable and legal. Some people use trees as their fixed support, but trees are always considered illegal to use for locking any bike. 
  • Locking in a crowded area: If possible, always try to park your bike in some well-lit, populous, and loaded area. Locking your bike in a crowded area will minimize the risk of stealing because it is always more difficult to perform a criminal/suspicious act in public. Although, this doesn’t always ensure safety.
  • Parking Indoors: Indoor parking in garages, sheds, and parkades in your apartment are some good options to reduce the chances of e-bike theft. Also, be sure to lock your e-bike even while parked indoors. 

How to Secure E-Bike Battery and Accessories

With the use of e-bikes rising, there is a rapid increase in the reported cases of e-bike theft. Nowadays, though, most thieves don’t bother to steal the whole bike. They go for an integral and easier to steal part of your bike: the battery and its components.

The first step in securing e-bike batteries and accessories is to stay well-informed about the risk of theft. Secondly, take proper measures to secure them from theft.

Some ways of securing batteries and accessories are discussed here:

  • Locking of battery with main frame: Mostly ebike batteries are simply attached to the main triangular frame without a security device. You should buy a lock for your battery that attaches to the bike frame. Buying a separate lock core and installing it to your e-bike battery is also an option. This type of lock usually has a key that is separate from your e-bike lock. So there are various different options and configurations to adopt for safety purposes.
  • Installing a battery alarm: Another smart option is the installation of an e-bike battery alarm. These alarms produce a loud audible sound when someone tries to temper or break your battery lock. You can also connect this alarm with your mobile phone through some smart application. You will get notified the second a thief attempts to break your battery lock. Many of these smart locks incorporate a GPS tracker, which can show you the exact location of your stolen bike. 

Besides the battery, you should also take steps to secure the other accessories of your e-bike, including any screen, bags, lights and fenders. Oftentimes these could be removed and taken with you before parking your bike. 

Don’t Forget to Insure Your Bike 

An e-bike is an expensive and valuable asset, given the average e-bike costs around £2,000. Because using multiple locks and selecting smart methods still doesn’t ensure the safety of your e-bike, you should consider getting insurance for your bike. Although bike insurance is not a legal requirement, it can save you from any financial burden in case of a bike theft.