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The 3 Best E-Bikes for Women

Did you know there are electric bikes specifically designed to be used by women? You may be thinking, why do men and women need different bikes at all? But there are certain elements that need to be considered; comfort, operation style, weight, that may be more accessible overall for female riders. We’ll explore these features in detail, as well as our top e-bike recommendations for women, in this article.

The top bike recommendation for female riders is the Lectric XP 2.0 Step-Through. Female riders may want to consider step-through models and seats with extra padding for better accessibility and comfort. Don’t forget accessories like a bike lock and rear-view mirrors.

Of course, there are plenty of incredible e-bike models on the market, all varying in price and style. Choosing the perfect electric bike comes primarily down to the customer’s personal preferences, purpose for riding, and budget. So, what features might make certain e-bikes better for female riders?

What Features May Be More Important to Female Riders?

Beautiful girl traveling on electric bike

Whether you’re female, male, or anywhere in between, every rider has a unique set of needs and preferences. Some riders may appreciate bikes that have off-roading capabilities, while others may prefer bikes designed for casual city commutes.

Whatever the preference, female riders may typically consider step-through models, throttle options, accessibility, and more.

Step-Through Frame Designs

The step-through frame design was initially created with women in mind. In the past, women’s fashion mainly consisted of skirts and dresses; the low step-through frame was designed with this in mind. The design consists of a lower frame without a top tube or crossbar.

While of course women don’t only wear skirts anymore, this design style may still be useful for woman as it allows for far easier mounting and dismounting.

Throttle/Speeds/Class 3

Higher speeds and throttle capabilities are also worth considering for female riders. Not only are higher speeds and throttle capabilities more enjoyable overall, but these features are also far more practical and comfortable.

If you have difficulties climbing steep hills or have a more challenging daily commute, you should look for higher-class e-bikes with throttle options.


Another significant factor every rider should consider is the overall comfort of their bike. Female riders may benefit from higher levels of seat cushioning and more comfortable saddles.

If you find certain frame styles uncomfortable, you can also look into getting a step-through or low step-through frame style.


Every rider should factor accessibility into their purchase. If you plan on taking your bike on trips, consider lower-weight models or foldable varieties. Be sure to also consider the charging time, as well as what accessories are compatible.

These are a few of the features that female riders may benefit from. Step-through and low step-through frames were designed with women in mind and are a great place to start. From there, you may want to consider the comfort, accessibility, and overall power of your bike.

What are some Great E-Bike Models for Women?

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Sifting through the thousands of electric bike models available is time-consuming and headache-inducing. So, we’ve done the leg work for you. Here are three excellent electric bike choices for women!

The Lectric XP Step-Thru 2.0 is our top recommendation and is a solid all-around e-bike model that is nearly impossible to beat. Lectric’s flagship e-bike is engineered with award-winning features that make it the most popular single model on the market—all with an incredibly affordable price tag.

The 2.0 is equipped with pedal assist and throttle, allowing you to reach Class 3 speeds with ease. The Fat tires, coupled with adjustable front fork suspension, are designed to tackle all types of rough terrain. Not to mention, the foldable design guarantees provide incredible amounts of convenience and accessibility.

The RadCity Step-Thru 3 also uses a low-step frame design putting less distance between you and the handlebars. The RadCity has a very approachable design and is one of the best “comfort cruisers” on the market.

The Women’s Turbo Vado 3.0 has women in the name for a good reason. The Women’s 3.0 is designed for urban environments, allowing you to glide through the city with ease. It lacks a step-through frame but features a custom fully-integrated 250-watt motor and a 460Wh battery for sufficient power.

Lectric XP Step-Thru 2.0500W geared rear hub motor460Wh28Mph45+ Miles$1,199.00 
The RadCity Step-Thru 3750W direct drive hub motor672Wh20Mph45+ Miles$1,599.00
Women’s Turbo Vado 3.0250-watt motor460Wh28Mph45-90 Miles$3,450.00

As you can see, even with the differing price points, these models are relatively comparable. The Lectric XP 2.0 is foldable, the Turbo Vado 3.0 lacks a step-through frame, and the RadCity Step-Thru 3 lacks a bit of speed. The perfect electric bike, whether you’re male or female, is going to come down to preference at the end of the day.

How to Choose an E-Bike

Choosing the correct electric bike is the most crucial determiner of your overall riding experience. So, how can you ensure you choose the perfect e-bike for you?


One of the first questions you should ask yourself before beginning to browse e-bikes is, “What am I using my e-bike for?” If you are planning to use your e-bike for city commuting, you won’t need fat tires or hefty frame materials. On the flip side, if you’re planning to ride down nature trails and across the backcountry, you’re going to need something entirely different.


Then, you’ll want to decide what features you need. Do you need an extended range for long commutes? Search for bikes with larger batteries and motors. Do you need a model with storage capabilities? Seek out bikes with racks or cargo carriers.

Motor & Battery

Besides the features, you should always consider the motor and battery. Many riders won’t require a super powerful class 3 e-bike if they’re just getting started. That being said, always source your electrical components from trustworthy sources and brands.


Finally, focus on models within your budget. If you have a tighter budget, you may need to compromise on some of the features you’re looking for. Additionally, those on a tighter budget should be certain what features they need before they start browsing. If you’re working with a larger budget, you should consider additional features or accessories that could improve the quality of your ride.

What Accessories Do You Need?

When purchasing an e-bike, there are a few essential accessories you’ll need to improve your new ride. Whether you’re a female or not, accessories always make the ride. You could need a new helmet, mirrors, bags, and more when you purchase a new electric bike.

It’s important to always be sure you’re purchasing parts and accessories that are compatible with your electric bike model. We know it sounds obvious, but it’s too easy to make this mistake, and missing this can cause headaches down the line.

Our Top Accessory Recommendations

Helmets: If you need something ponytail compatible, look no further than the Giro Syntax Adult Road Bike Helmet (On Amazon). We would recommend the Zacro Lightweight Adult Bike Helmet (Also on Amazon)  for those on a budget. A step above the Zacro would be the Giro Fixture Adult Dirt Cycling Helmet (On Amazon) .

Mirrors: Many electric bikes come without mirrors. We recommend the Hafny E13 Mirror (On Amazon) for something a bit larger. Check out the MEACHOW Scratch Resistant Handlebar Bike Mirror (Also on Amazon) for something smaller.

Waterbottle Holders: There are a ton of water bottle holders on the market, so be sure it’s compatible with your e-bike before purchasing. There are highly versatile options, such as the Any Bottle Cage (On Amazon). You can also find lightweight water bottle holders designed for sports, like the ThinkTop Ultra-Light Water Bottle Cage (Also on Amazon).

Bike Lock: Every bike owner should own an equally powerful bike lock. This is especially true for e-bike owners. The Tanker (On Amazon) will do wonders for those on a budget. A step above would be the Heavy Duty Bicycle U Lock (Also on Amazon) at under $150. Finally, if you want to go all out, we would recommend the ABUS 1060 Granit CityChain (On Amazon) for how incredibly robust it is.

Reflectors: Reflectors are another everyday safety feature riders often forget about. You can find attachable bike reflectors (On Amazon) for under $25. Or, you can opt for a reflective vest. You can find options ranging from $60 (Also on Amazon) to under $15 (On Amazon) .

These are just a few of the accessories you may need to get you out onto the roads. You may also want to consider additional bags, battery packs, or backpacks for carrying spare batteries and supplies. You can find options from under $50 (On Amazon).

Additionally, purchasing some essential bike maintenance tools may help you down the line. You can find complete kits (On Amazon) for under $30. A set of Allen wrenches (Also on Amazon), a tire lever (On Amazon), and a cleaning kit (Also on Amazon) can do wonders. With all these accessories combined, you’ll be ready for any situation while riding!