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The Fastest Electric Bikes On the Market

Electric bikes are becoming increasingly popular. Many different manufacturers vie for dominance in this arena, each with its own unique sets of specs and features. If you’re looking for speed, electric bikes can surely deliver. However, with so many options available, it may be challenging to determine which ones are the fastest electric bikes on the market. 

Most e-bikes top out at speeds of 25-28 mph (40-45 km/h). The fastest electric bike on the market can achieve top speeds of 45 mph (72 km/h) and has 80 miles of range per charge. If you’re planning to use your bike for a lot of high-speed riding, be sure to invest in a good helmet.

The 3kW HPC Scout Pro is arguably the fastest electric bike currently on the market. However, it is rightly considered a best-in-class e-bike. As such, it commands a high price, but you get what you pay for– excellent quality and fast speed. To learn all about the fastest e-bikes, which ones are the best, and how fast you can go, continue reading our detailed guide!

What’s the Fastest Electric Bike (Right Now)?

The fastest, true electric bike currently on the market is the High Power Cycles (HPC) Scout Pro, as stated earlier in this guide. There are other bikes that are marketed as “electric bikes” that can achieve faster speeds, but they cross the fine line between “electric bike” to “electric motorcycle.” 

The Scout Pro achieves its fast speeds with its Bafang Ultra Mx mid-drive motor paired with a 3kW (4 HP) battery. However, the motor and battery isn’t the only thing that affects the top speed, that is the engineers designed the Scout Pro with a lightweight aluminum frame as well. It weighs about 50 lbs, which is significantly lighter than most e-bikes. 

At these high speeds, braking is just as important. Since safety is an essential factor to HPC, they designed the Scout Pro with four-piston hydraulic disc brakes with 180 mm rotors. These robust brakes allow you to stop on a dime without burning out brake pads.

The Scout Pro comes standard with an SRAM GX 11-speed transmission with a derailleur clutch along with the great brakes. However, an even better option is available– the enormous 526% gear range Rohloff 14-speed internally geared hub. 

Along with its excellent braking ability, the Scout Pro comes with a great suspension system. The e-bike has large tires (27.4 by 2.8 inch Maxxis Minion tires), which absorb potholes and other obstacles. It also has a factory-tuned 150 mm travel DVO fork held by a Cane Creek headset and a hardtail (no rear suspension). 

There’s no denying, the HPC Scout Pro is the fastest electric bike on the market. However, with great speed comes great price. The Scout Pro is priced between $7,000 to over $13,000, depending on selected features and options. 

Other Great, Fast Electric Bikes

Besides the HPC Scout Pro, there are many other fast electric bikes on the market. Depending on where you plan to ride the bike and your budget, one of these bikes might be a better choice. Here are some other highly-rated, fast electric bikes

Rad Power RadRover 5 E-bike

The RadRover 5 electric bike by Rad Power is a big-wheeled, versatile electric bike designed to ride in any environment. Whether you’re on roads, dirt paths, or rolling through deep snow, the RadRover 5 can achieve fast speeds. It has a factory-set speed limit of 20 mph. However, you can change to setting up to 25 mph max by changing control panel settings. 

This is an exceptional fat tire bike that is not designed for urban environments. If you’re mainly riding on loose gravel, mud, dirt, sand, and other extreme conditions, this e-bike is the fastest bike for off-road conditions. 

The RadRover 5 has a massive, conventional frame made out of 18-inch 6061 aluminum, perfect for off-roading conditions. As you might expect, this fat-tired, large-frame e-bike comes in at a hefty weight of 69 pounds.

A 48V 14 Ah lithium battery powers its Bafang 750 W motor, which has five levels of pedal assist. The battery lasts between 25 to 45 miles from a full charge, depending on your use of pedal assist, terrain, and wind conditions. 

Now let’s talk about wheels– the RadRover 5 has fat tires, 26 by 4 inch Kenda Juggernauts. Despite its size, the e-bike’s powerful motor doesn’t falter in reaching its top speeds. The RadRover utilizes 180 mm front and rear rotor Tektro Aries mechanical brakes to slow down and stop at these fast speeds. 

Trek Domane+ Road Bike

The Trek Domane+ road bike is an electric bike on the opposite end of the e-bike spectrum from the RadRover 5. The Doman+ looks just like a regular road bike with a broader frame that houses the battery and the motor.

Plus, it’s made by Trek, which is a very reputable and award-winning bicycle manufacturer. In performance modes, the Domane+ can reach top speeds of 28 mph.

The Domane+ is designed for urban and paved street conditions only. If you’re looking for a daily commuter and will also stick to smooth terrain, the Domane+ is the ideal bike for these conditions. 

The Trek Domane+ is manufactured with a lightweight, 500 series OCLV carbon frame, with a frame that is akin to the streamlined design of Trek’s competitive road bikes. The Doman+ comes in at a surprisingly low weight of 38 pounds. It has a 350 W motor powered by a removable 500 Wh Bosch PowerTube battery.

The battery provides a typical range of 60 miles in Eco mode with the other modes (Tour, Sport, and Turbo), cutting the range shorter as they use more energy. 

On top of the streamlined road bike frame, the Trek Domane+ packs in robust road bike tires as well. Their Schwalbe G-One 35 millimeter tires have a smooth tread pattern designed for maximum speed on pavement. When you need to come to a stop after reaching the top speed, the great flat mount SRAM Force hydraulic disc brakes will slow you safely.   

Kasen K-6.0 High-Power Electric Bike

The Kasen K-6.0 high-power electric bike is a powerful, budget-friendly unit with a large frame and fat tires. It’s designed to go the distance in all types of terrains. Its frame is reminiscent of a cruiser bike, with a convenient luggage rack over the back tire. Despite its massive size, the K-6.0 can achieve a top speed of 28 mph. 

The Kasen K-6.0 is designed for all types of riding conditions; it has a 6061 aluminum alloy frame, extra-large tires with a wide fork, and an above-average weight of 80 pounds. It rolls through sand, snow, and mud like a breeze and provides a nice smooth pavement ride too. 

Along with its massive frame, the K-6.0 doesn’t skimp on the motor either – a 1000 W Bafang rear-drive motor propels this massive e-bike. One minor drawback is its limited range of 28 miles due to its less than average 48V 14.5 Ah lithium battery. 

To complement the 16 x 4 inch Kenda fat tires, the K-6.0 has double-wall alloy rims and a MOZO hydraulic suspension system on the front fork. It’s designed with excellent braking capacity achieved with Tektro disc brakes on the front and rear. 

Delfast TOP 3.0 

The Delfast Top 3.0 electric bike blurs the line between “bike” and “motorcycle.” At first glance, you would call the Delfast TOP 3.0 a motorcycle, and we wouldn’t blame you because it definitely looks like one! In fact, if it weren’t for the included pedals, this e-bike would be indistinguishable from an electric motorcycle.

And since it smells, looks, and feels like a motorcycle, along with not fitting in either of the three e-bike classes (we’ll explain these soon), we didn’t rank this as the fastest e-bike– even though it can reach a top speed of 50 mph. 

With that being said, the Delfast Top 3.0 is one slick machine. It has built-in mirrors, turn signals, an intuitive GPS display, an LED headlamp, and double-disc hydraulic brakes. If Tesla made an electric motorcycle, it would probably look something like this bike. On top of all the advanced features, the TOP 3.0 has an outstanding 200-mile range. 

How Fast Can You Actually Go on an E-Bike?

Even though some electric bikes can reach speeds of 45 or even 50 mph, should you actually be riding it that fast? Well, it greatly depends on your comfort levels and local laws. If you’re taking your electric bike on a walking trail with many pedestrians, you’ll probably want to ride it slowly to prevent accidents. 

On the other hand, if you’re riding an electric bike in the bike lane of a road, feel free to go full bore. Well, as long as you don’t break the speed limit. If you’re riding in a busy city with traffic lights every block, 45 mph probably isn’t sustainable. The most common cruising speed on e-bikes is between 20 to 28 mph. 

What are Electric Bike Classes?

Almost all electric bikes incorporate a pedal-assist motor, which does precisely what the name describes. In other words, it assists the rider with pedaling or propelling the bike forward.

In fact, if the bike does not have a pedal assist and instead moves the bike with the motor only, it cannot legally be classified as an electric bike. Otherwise, it would be known as either a moped or motorcycle. 

Pedal-assist electric bikes are categorized into three classes: 

  • Class 1– pedal-assist, no throttle, with maximum assisted speeds of 20 mph
  • Class 2– throttle-assist with a maximum speed of 20 mph
  • Class 3– pedal-assist, no throttle with a maximum assisted speed of 28 mph

All three classes are limited to a one hp (750W) motor. 

Are There Any Laws Around Electric Bike Speed

If you’re wondering if there are any laws around the speeds of electric bikes, you’re not the only one. After all, you’re looking for the fastest e-bike around, and knowing if you can actually ride it at the top speed is important. 

Besides the three-tiered e-bike classification system that we introduced earlier (which has been adopted by 26 states), there are plenty of laws and regulations that differ between each state and sometimes even the county. 

For example, a state may require the registration of electric bikes as well as licensure and insurance to ride legally. However, with the variability of the laws between states and localities, you should always check your local guidelines to be certain. 

As far as the speed limit is concerned, you should also follow the speed limit anywhere you ride the electric bike. 

Some Great Bike Helmets!

If you’re reading this guide, then you obviously want to go fast. As you probably know, going fast comes with greater danger if you were to crash. That is why you should always wear a helmet any time you ride an electric bike. 

Here are four of the best helmets available on Amazon: 

BASE CAMP Bike Helmet with Light

This Base Camp helmet (on Amazon) is dual safety certified and is made of a lightweight EPS foam and a high-density PC shell designed to take the brunt of an impact if you crash. It comes in stylish matte black or matte white colors and has nine built-in vents for cooling. 

The bike includes a detachable LED taillight with steady and flashing modes to increase the rider’s visibility. It’s comfortable and universal with a guaranteed to fit design (Secure Fit System). 

EASTINEAR Bike Helmet with Magnetic Goggles

This Eastinear bike helmet (on Amazon) has a slim and futuristic look along with magnetic snap-in-place, tinted goggles. These goggles shield your eyes from the sun, debris, and water. It provides excellent protection and high-impact ratings with its PC shell and EPS foam materials. 

It includes a built-in, ultra-bright rear LED light, giving other riders and motor vehicles more visibility. It is super comfortable and has an adjustable, multidimensional system to fit heads of small and large sizes. 

Thousand Adult Bike Helmet – Heritage

The Heritage Collection bike helmet by Thousand (on Amazon) is arguably the most stylish around. It’s lightweight, functional, and doesn’t look like it’s out of a science fiction movie.  It comes in 12 different colors allowing you to choose one that fits your style the best.

It has an excellent hidden channel that will enable you to loop your bike lock through the helmet to secure it along with your bike. Lastly, the Heritage helmet does not sacrifice comfort or fit with its appropriately padded Dial Fit System that ensures your helmet is snug and safe.