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10+ E-Bike Accessories For Enjoyable Riding in 2022

Getting the E-Bike is usually the hard part – figuring out how much to spend, what features you need, and all those other decisions. But once you have the bike and start using it, you’re in a good spot to start tweaking your ride towards your unique needs. How? With E-Bike accessories!

To keep your E-bike in good condition and get the most out of using it, a few accessories go a long way. Tools like rear-view mirrors, rear-facing lights, and a good helmet and high-vis vest will keep you safe. Fenders, mudguards, and racks keep your bike clean and offer more use.

This article will highlight 12 accessories that you should consider having to keep your E-Bike in the best condition and enhance your comfort. These accessories will also ensure your E-Bike safe enough to ride. A few will bring out your individuality and sense of style.

Must-Have E-Bike Accessories To Improve Your Ride

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Chances are that you will often find yourself riding when it is raining. It may rain on your way from work, or it rained unexpectedly when you had gone for an excursion. Having fenders will prevent your e-bike from getting sprayed by the water from the tire.

How Do Fenders Protect You?

While you might think that fenders are unnecessary, you’ll be surprised by how necessary they can be. Why? Fenders will keep your lower body from getting wet due to the spraying caused by the wheels.

A front fender will protect you from being sprayed by salt and road sand if you ride in winter. Back fenders prevent the person riding behind you from suffering from the same fate. If you also haven’t carried a change of pants, socks, and shoes, the fenders will keep you neat and clean.

How Do Fenders Protect Your E-Bike?

If not having fenders will cause all that to you, you can imagine how much damage it will do to your bike. Fenders will keep the water sprayed by your front tire from directly getting into the bottom bracket area and the drive unit.

The back fenders will also keep everything in the back area dry. If not kept away by the fenders, all the dirt and water will eventually find itself in every part of your E-bike. Having them will protect your e-bike components, lights, and brakes from dirt and filth.

Have a look at these fenders SKS-Germany 11322 Raceblade Pro (on Amazon).


Helmets are protective headgear that you should always wear when riding. The helmets create an additional layer on your head and protects you.

A Helmet Can Save Your Life

While you cannot anticipate accidents, you get a better chance of surviving when wearing a helmet. The helmet will protect you from severe head and brain injuries should you have an unfortunate accident.

The eyes, too, can be affected when you don’t wear a helmet. Dust particles, intense sun rays, and sharp winds can hinder your vision while riding. These factors can be an inconvenience and cause discomfort, leading to unexpected accidents.

Long-term exposure will cause significant eye issues and eventually affect your eyesight.

While riding during the winter, wearing your helmet will save you from the cold wind. Riding your e-bike increases this wind, so you can imagine how that ride would be uncomfortable without that extra layer.

Helmets Protect You From Tickets

Apart from protecting your body, wearing your helmet can save you from getting caught on the wrong side of the law. Most states require that you wear a helmet when you are out riding. Some have even gone further and declared a fine for anyone caught riding without a helmet.

Check out this helmet on amazon Adult-Men-Women Bike Helmet with Light (on Amazon). It comes with adjustable straps, USB rechargeable light, and replacement inner pads.


Bike lights ensure you are visible when there is no sufficient light. It is merely for safety purposes. Lights will also enable you to see reflective materials like traffic lights and road lines. Some animals like cats have reflective eyes, so you could even see them with a light and avoid an accident.

When your bike light system is sound, it will allow you to see a long-distance ahead. You will react fast enough to obstacles when you can see what is way ahead of you.

In some states, lights are a legal requirement when you are riding. You cannot access some places even during the day if your bike does not have lights. Colorado National Monument is one of them, and some tunnels are not safe to pass through if you don’t have lights.

Lights will also ensure that the other road users can see you. Most motorists would defend themselves in most accidents by saying they did not see the rider, even during the day. Lights will make you visible to other motorists.

To see during nighttime, you should install a high-powered white light in front of your e-bike. A red light will make you visible to anyone following behind you. Here are some lights you can buy from Amazon KRYPTONITE Bike Light Alley F-800, Premium Brand (on Amazon).

Bike Rack

There are times that you will need your car to carry your e-bike. When going for an excursion, you may need to use your bike in certain areas.

Moving your e-bike is the only option. Transporting your e-bike can be hectic, and you have to choose a rack correctly. There are several types of frames you can use.

 Hitch-mounted racks

This kind of bike rack slides into your car’s receiver tube. Hitch-mounted racks are secure, easier to use, and safer. Compared to roof and trunk racks, they are the more preferred choice. You can hitch several bikes at the same time.

Amazon has this good hitch-mounted rack: Vibrelli Electric Bike Hitch Rack (on Amazon).

Trunk racks

This rack attaches to your trunk. When using it, make sure you have securely fastened your trunk rack to the back of your vehicle. A downside is the rack will obstruct the storage space and the back windshield wiper.

However, this is a decent option if you don’t use the rack much. They’re also a fantastic option if your car lacks crossbars or a hitch and you don’t want to add either.

Roof racks

Your e-bike will be able to be carried on top of your car using the roof rack. The manufacturers use mounting plates or clamps to construct roof racks.

This rack style will only assist you if your e-bike fits comfortably on the roof. If you frequently pass an area with low-hanging spaces, avoid purchasing this rack style. Here is a roof rack from Amazon: Thule 598001 Roof Bike Rack ProRide.

Bike Repair Kit  

A bike repair kit is essential for your bike, just as a first aid kit is essential for you as the rider. When you’re out on the road, you should always be in a position to repair your e-bike if it suddenly has a problem.

Your bike repair kit should be able to assist you in making small repairs to your bike. You won’t have to wait for a mechanic, at the very least!

Your bike repair kit should have a selection of tools that you will need for your particular bike. To avoid carrying unnecessary stuff, know your bike well so that you can predict what could go wrong. Also know all the necessary parts of your bike and have tools to repair them.

Several things are essential and should be part of your bike repair kit. A multi-tool is one of them to help perform different maintenance and repair tasks. Add a puncture repair kit, tire lever, an adjustable air regulator, and a spare tube.

The bike repair kit can be carried on a backpack or fixed on the bike frame. Some of the repairs that you expect to do are:

  • Adjust derailleurs
  • Fix a broken chain
  • Aligning your wheel
  • Changing your brake pads
  • Fixing a flat tire
  • Replacing a broken spoke
  • Inspecting and cleaning your chain

Amazon has a perfect bike repair kit for you here: Bike Repair Bag & Bicycle Tire Pump (on Amazon).

First Aid Kit

One of the most crucial things you need on your e-bike is a first aid kit. Not that you expect to cause an accident, but hey, things happen. It’ll also be a great benefit if you learn bike safety and first aid.

A first aid kit needs to be simple but sufficient to meet any accident emergency. Remember that most times you might be riding alone and may have no one to help you if you get into an accident.

And even if there are people around when you get an accident, they will probably not be carrying a first aid kit. Having your own will help a lot.

Learning first aid for the following common biking injuries will be good. Common biking injuries include dehydration, bleeding, glazes, and broken bones. These injuries should form a basis for what you should have in your first aid kit.

Having a first aid kit will also mean that you can help others if you come upon an accident. You should expect anything to happen when riding outdoors, especially on the road. There is a good feeling when you can help others. If you’re looking for a simple first aid course, check out St. John.

Your first aid kit should have the following:

  • Gloves                                      
  • Face shield
  • Gauze
  • Bandages
  • Saline solutions
  • Triangular/Crepe bandage

You can get this first aid kit from Amazon: Filmer Bikes First Aid Kit (on Amazon).


 Mirrors are also essential for riding safely on your e-bike. While most people will argue that mirrors can distract while riding, it is good to glance at them and be aware of your environment.

It’s also good to see what is going on behind you without having to turn your head around. Mirrors allow you to focus on what is in front of you.

Ensure that the mirrors you choose for your e-bike do not obstruct your vision of the road. In addition, mirrors should not reflect sunlight into your eyes. Even small mirrors can allow you to see what is behind you, and therefore, large mirrors aren’t always necessary.

Mirrors come in three different types:

Helmet-mounted mirrors- The mirror on your helmet or visor is clumped or clamped. They include an adjustable pole to put it precisely where you want it. You can fit helmet mirrors on any helmet.

Sunglasses/eyeglass-mounted- The sunglass or eyeglass mirrors are usually smaller and clamped to your eyeglasses or sunglasses. You can readily move from the left to the right side of the face. Without moving your head, you can see what’s happening behind you.

Handlebar-mounted- The handlebar-mounted mirrors are installed directly to the frame or the bike’s handle bars. When you need to see what is happening behind you, glance at them. You can still keep your eyes fixed straight ahead.

Mount For Your Smartphone

With this new digital era, you might find it hard to leave your smartphone behind as you go riding. At the same time, you want to keep your smartphone protected from getting damaged or lost. You also want to communicate with your family and friends even if you are busy riding.

What to do? Why not install a mount for your phone? The mount will allow you to attach your smartphone to your e-bike. A phone mount will let you quickly see who is calling you. It becomes effortless to see your phone screen on the phone mount rather than in your pocket or bag.

If you are not very sure about the direction of the place you are going, you can open up Google maps on your phone, put it on the phone mount, and let it navigate for you. It will also show you the exact distance you have to go before reaching your destination.

The phone mount will make sure that you can see your phone and its exact location. You can do this as you go to work, ride for fun, or train. It is almost impossible for someone to steal your phone right in front of your eyes.

You need to ensure that your phone mount is strong enough and does not budge even over bumpy terrain. It should possibly rotate at 360 degrees to allow you to view your phone from different angles. Amazon has a fantastic choice: Nite Ize Wraptor, Rotating Smartphone (on Amazon).

Bottle Cage

When riding your e-bike, your body will react a certain way. You are working your body, so one of the things you should expect is to sweat. To replace water lost when sweating, you will need to take a lot of water. Keeping hydrated while you are out riding is crucial.

Carrying your water bottle is highly recommended while you are out riding. You will not find many places where you can get clean water to drink on your journey, so carrying your water is the only solution. But how do you maintain your water bottle on your bike?  Simple, a bottle cage.

A bottle cage or a bike bottle holder holds a water bottle on your bike, leaving you to cycle comfortably. You will have easy access to your water bottle, and it will prevent the bottle from falling if you encounter some rough patches.

You don’t have to worry because manufacturers came up with a standardized bottle cage diameter that should fit any water bottle in the world. The bottle cages have threaded eyelets with a standardized distance between them, making it possible for any water bottle to fit.

If you are wondering where to put your bottle cage, there are two places you can do that. Some bikes will have mounting areas depending on the style of frame. If your e-bike does not have a mount for your bottle cage, with the correct ties/clamps, you can zip tie a bottle cage to your frame.

If you have no idea where to buy your water bottle cage, try this one on Amazon: Accmor Bike Water Bottle Holder No Screws (on Amazon)

Seat Post Suspension

A suspension seat post is a bike seat with a unique suspension system connecting the saddle between the top part. It assures you a smooth ride when you get a rough and bumpy road, especially on a long ride.

When riding, high-frequency vibrations can be transferred from the bike to your body, and a suspension seat post will reduce that. It will also reduce the impact of potholes and bumps when you hit them unexpectedly. The seat post suspension will save you from back injuries caused by the effect.

Amazon has the Cane Creek Thudbuster ST Suspension Seatpost 27.2 (on Amazon).

A Second Battery

E-bike in nature landscape

When you buy your e-bike, you have total confidence in the longevity of your e-bike’s battery. But batteries can behave differently. It would be wise to have a second battery if the original one misbehaves. Here are a couple of other reasons:


It might be tough always to estimate the distance you will need to cover. An extra battery assures you that you can still cover the distance intended even if the battery dies. If you want a battery that has a higher range, then choose one that has a higher capacity (Ah).

Same brand

If you believe that batteries last a lifetime, then the need for an extra battery may seem irrelevant to you. But what happens when after all those years, your specific brand of e-bike is no longer easily found? A spare battery ensures that you still have a battery specific to your type of e-bike.

Best battery

The best battery type is the Lithium-Ion. Although the lead-acid batteries are a bit cheaper, they are also heavier. The lead-acid battery will make them the wrong choice for a second battery.

You should note that your battery decays every time you charge, but an extra one removes this worry. Manufacturers also tend to overrate their batteries and make specific claims. While it might be true in most instances, it is wiser to be on the safe side.

Here is a battery you can find on Amazon: HAILONG 36V 48V Ebike Battery (on Amazon).

Anti-Theft Devices

Nothing can be as heartbreaking as losing one of your most prized possessions to theft. E-bikes are expensive, and no matter where you pack yours, you need to know that you can trace it even when stolen. Installing anti-theft devices can mean you do not lose your sanity when you have your bike stolen. This will also prevent your pockets taking a dip from such a loss.

Built-in GPS tracker

Some e-bikes have a GPS tracker built into them. The only thing you can do is activate it and follow the process. If you find it a big hassle, imagine being able to recover your stolen e-bike and the stories you will be able to give your friends.

External GPS tracker

If your e-bike does not have a built-in GPS tracker, don’t fret – there are enough good ones that you can install. One of the best GPS trackers on Amazon is the Samsung Galaxy SmartTag Bluetooth Tracker (on Amazon). You need to attach it to your e-bike.

The tracker will help you know the exact location of your e-bike. It can also help you create zones where you can get notifications when the bike enters or leaves the particular area.

E-bike lock

If you feel that a GPS tracker is not enough, you can add a bike lock. A bike lock would prevent anyone from moving your E-bike from where you locked it, even if the purpose was not theft.

Amazon has a bike lock Parent LITELOK Gold Wearable (on Amazon). The Parent LITELOK is made from indestructible stainless steel and is very light. You can safely wear it over your hips while riding.


You’ve seen the numerous accessories that you can add to your e-bike to make it more comfortable to ride. Purchasing all of the accessories at once may appear to be excessively costly, but you will come to love them with time.

If you buy a few accessories per month, you’ll have all of them in no time. We continue to recommend that you read our other e-bike posts.