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Break-in Period For E-Bikes: What You Need To Know

So, you’ve recently purchased or gotten your new e-bike. To get a feel for it, you’ll probably want to hop on it right away, maybe even just to brag to your neighbors or friends. However, you need to make sure that your e-bike is ready to ride before taking it out.

To break your e-bike in, make sure that the pedals and other parts are securely attached, the battery is fully charged. Make sure the chain is lubricated and the tires are pumped, and then take it out for a slow test ride. Consider the first 50 miles or so as practice-time.

It’s not difficult to break in a new e-bike, but be careful to not damage it. We’ll walk you through the entire process of breaking in your new e-bike along with a few extra notes on how long batteries last and whether or not it’s necessary to charge them overnight.

How do You Break in a New E-Bike?

Smiling man with helmet and his electric bicycle at sunset

You should break in your new e-bike to ensure that you don’t get into any accidents. Your e-bike could also break down in the middle of a ride if you don’t check it properly beforehand.

Check what you need to do as you break in your new e-bike.

  1. If you bought your e-bike online, you need to remove it from the box. Make sure the cardboard box is upright, then carefully take it out. Check around the box for any small parts that the seller could have packed separately.
  1. Get the bike’s user manual and tools ready for assembly. Some of the standard tools you’ll need are a torque wrench, bike grease, a pump, and hex keys. You should follow the manual step by step. Amazon has a fantastic toolkit, Bike Repair Bag (on Amazon).
  1. There is a possibility that the seller twisted the handlebars for your new E-bike to fit in the box. You will need to straighten them.
  1. Attach the pedals if the seller packed them separately.
  1. You should double-check that your bike’s battery is securely fastened to the frame. If the battery charge isn’t fully charged, you should charge it before riding.
  1. Check the rim brake pads and the disc brake pads.
  1. Confirm that the bolts for the bike’s shifters, handlebars, crank arms, pedals, levers, stem, and brakes are not vibrating from being too loose.
  1. Finally, adjust the saddle height according to your height.
  1. Take your e-bike for a slow test drive generally to make sure that your bike is working alright.

You are now ready to take your new bike for its first intensive ride.

How Long do E-Bike Batteries Last

E-bikes mainly use Lithium-ion batteries, which are the best in the current battery technology. They provide more power, are long-lasting, and are light in weight.

When you buy a new battery, you are advised to break it in. This breaking-in process looks like going through three discharge/charge cycles. Having your battery do three complete discharges and three complete recharge cycles will make your battery reach optimum performance.

It typically takes a battery of 4-8 hrs to charge fully. It takes about 700+ cycles total for your Li-Ion battery to begin losing significant capacity.

Can you Charge E-Bikes Overnight?

Most quality brands will have their batteries installed with a battery management system. This system makes it easy to charge your e-bike battery overnight without getting stressed.

There will be no need to worry that your battery will overcharge or drain when you charge it overnight. It is highly recommended that you use the charger that came with your E-bike. However, if that one is not working correctly, you can purchase one like the SANS 54V 2A Smart Charger (on Amazon).

General E-Bike Maintenance Tips 

Man checking tire pressure of e bike, inflating air with hand pump

If you have an e-bike, you should know that it’s a costly investment. That’s why you’ll need to take good care of it if you want it to serve you well for a long time.

Here are a few things you can do to maintain your e-bike properly.


One of the most essential parts of your e-bike is the chain. The chain keeps the wheels turning, after all! You can purchase wet or dry chain lube to lubricate your chain. Before doing so, You will need to clean the chain with warm soapy water or a degreaser.

The two will ensure that you get rid of the dirt and old oil. You can then slowly apply the clean oil with a dropper. While moving the pedals, make sure every individual link is lubricated. Quickly give your chain a spin to confirm that it works okay.

You should not be worried about lubricating your motor. The electric bike motor is usually sealed and cannot be serviced from home.


Always make sure that the pressure of your tires is within the recommended range. All tires have a recommended range that is written on their walls. You are always advised to keep the pressure at the high end of the range.

When a tire’s pressure is too high, its traction on the road can become compromised, making riding uncomfortable. If you notice that your tire pressure is too low, keep in mind that this increases friction, slowing you down. It also makes you more likely to get a pinch puncture.

Checking your tires at least once every two weeks is a smart idea. Some sharp things could have gotten stuck in the tire and might be progressively tearing holes in them. A puncture could be caused by a single large hole or a series of smaller ones.

Check that your tires are not worn out, and when they do wear out, make sure you replace them. Keep them properly inflated at all times.


Your battery is like the heart of your e-bike, and it must be taken care of properly. The life of your battery will be determined by the battery you choose and how well you charge it.

It is advisable to charge it using the original charger for your e-bike. Avoid extreme temperatures as they can easily damage your battery. Never leave your battery fully discharged.

Remember to remove and store the battery inside when you are not using your e-bike. Before storing your battery, make sure it’s fully charged. Don’t cover up your battery or charger. Keep combustible items away from the battery.

When charging the bike, make sure there is enough room around it to avoid a fire if something went wrong with it.

If your battery has an electrical issue, never try to repair it yourself. Get a professional to do it. Trying to do it by yourself can cause further damage, or you might find yourself suffering an electrical shock.


Keeping your e-bike clean will help avoid the need for future repairs. Cleaning your e-bike regularly will prevent the build-up of dirt and rust. It also makes riding your e-bike more enjoyable, since the drive train will run more efficiently and quietly.

You can use warm soapy water and some old rags to thoroughly clean your e-bike. Please note that it isn’t recommended to use high pressure, as water might get into unwanted parts.

Also, to prevent rusting, dry your bike entirely after cleaning, especially the metallic parts.

Apart from warm soapy water, other cleaning agents you can use are green oil or Muc-Off. You can get green oil from Amazon here: Green Oil Clean Chain Cycle Degreaser Jelly (on Amazon). While cleaning your bike, you can check for any wear or tear or any damage.

Other parts

  • You need to check your e-bike for loose screws, bolts, nuts. Tighten them up as you try to identify the cause, but don’t tighten them too much.
  • Brake pads should be checked every few weeks to check their state. Ineffective brake pads can cause serious accidents.
  • Check your lights and ensure their battery is working. It would be dangerous to ride without being visible to cars or other cyclists.
  • The pedals should also move freely when you spin them. If they don’t, you should have them greased or replaced. Pedals are used when making turns and will notably affect your speed if faulty.
  • You should also check that your bike’s gears work correctly when shifting. There should be no rattling noise. You can also learn how to adjust the derailleurs by yourself.
  • Make sure you check the cables as well. Cables transmit instructions through your e-bike’s system. Any damage to the cables will cause errors in the system. It is also advisable to make sure that they are correctly plugged in.
  • Your e-bike will also have a magnet for the speed sensor. The speed sensor works out how fast you are going. The magnet also makes sure that your drive unit works. When you ride your bike, it usually gets knocked out of place, so make sure it is in line with the sensor and correct distance.
  • Every time you come back from riding, be sure to charge your bike, clean it, and dry it as well. Don’t store it in a damp or humid place, as this may cause corrosion on some of its electrical parts.


You have seen how easy it is to break in your E-bike. Just follow the process as highlighted above.

Make sure you adhere to the general maintenance tips, and I’m sure you’ll have a happy and long relationship with your E-bike.