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Can You Attach a Trailer to an E-Bike?

Many individuals are becoming more accepting of the notion that the transportation system is fast changing. More individuals are abandoning their cars in favor of e-bikes as a mode of transportation. You can get around on the e-bike, but you might be wondering if you can attach something to it like a trailer. The trailer would help you carry your kids, pet, or luggage along.

You can attach a trailer to an E-Bike, and it’s a better option than a traditional bike for transporting additional weight. While cycling up a hill, it will make your life much easier. Compared to a regular bike, attaching a trailer to an E-bike requires less work.

Before you decide to attach a trailer to your E-bike, there are a few things to consider. You must choose the most appropriate trailer for your E-bike. Check to verify if your E-bike has the features required to tow a trailer. If you’re unsure how to attach a trailer, this article will walk you through the process. We’ll also provide you with safety advice, explain why your E-bike might not be able to tow a trailer and suggest alternatives to trailers.

Types of Trailer for E-Bikes

Man With E Bike MTB And Kid Trailer

You have now confirmed that you can attach a trailer to your E-bike. The next step is to figure out which trailers you can use with your E-bike. We’ll go over a few of them here.

Cargo trailers

You will find cargo trailers in different sizes and shapes. They will come in handy when you need to move a heavy and bulky load over long distances. The cargo trailers come in two varieties.

A one-wheeled cargo trailer is considered the perfect choice for a single track. It is easier to maneuver and does not produce that much drag. The one-wheeled cargo trailer is more efficient.

However, balancing the load not to flip the cargo trailer can be tricky, especially when loading. Check this one-wheeled cargo trailer on Amazon Burley Design COHO XC (on Amazon).

You will find the two-wheeled cargo trailer easier to load and unload. It will also be more stable. Unfortunately, you will find it harder to tow as it has additional drag. Amazon has several choices – we recommend Retrospec Rover Hauler Cargo Bike Trailer (on Amazon).

Kid Trailers

If you’ve wished to take your child along for a ride, a kid trailer is the best option. When taking your kid along as you ride, you want to be assured of their safety first before anything else. You wouldn’t want to risk your child’s life by having a trailer that is not suitable.

Manufacturers are cautious when making trailers for kids. That is why it is advisable to use a kids trailer when carrying your kids. The straps on these trailers have been there for your child’s protection.

Some of them have see-through walls, allowing your children to look outside. Because there is adequate room, feel free to provide them with some toys to keep them occupied.

You can buy a one-seater or a two-seater as they come in these two varieties. All kid trailers are two-wheeled to ensure stability. The Burley Encore X (on Amazon) is a perfect choice for a kid trailer. It can carry up to 100lb and act as a trailer and a stroller.

Pet Trailer

You can attach a pet trailer to your E-bike when you want to ride with your pet. Pet trailers look more like cargo trailers but with enclosed sides to keep the pets in. It has a more rigid floor for your pet’s paws or claws to rest.

It is better to choose one that your pet can view the outside. Ventilated windows will also allow your pet to have a comfortable ride.

Like the PetSafe Happy Ride, Aluminum Dog Bike Trailer (on Amazon) found on Amazon has three pockets on the outside. The pockets are for your pet’s treats, water, poop bags, and leash.

You will find many people using their pet trailer for a cargo trailer, but it is not advisable to use your cargo trailer for pets.

Essential E-Bike Features for Pulling Trailers

It’s all too easy just to hook up your trailer to your e-bike and ride away. However, like with anything that could compromise the safety of others, caution is advised. If you wish to tow a trailer with your E-bike, consider a few things.

  • A High Power Motor

While the average E-bike has a 250 W motor, for one to use with a trailer, a 750W motor would be advisable. You need to confirm what is legally allowed for higher motor power in your location.

An E-bike with a higher motor will enable you to carry more load. It will also make it easier to take a heavy load up a hill. You must be wondering where you can put your high-power motor. One of these two places would be ideal.

The mid-bike part would be preferable for more smooth acceleration and the versatility of any train you pick. Unfortunately, new parts might be challenging and require a non-standard frame.

The front motor will ensure that your weight is distributed evenly between the drive train and the motor. It also gives your front wheel traction. But you also need to be aware that it will strain your fork.

You must note that your load will determine your E-bike’s battery consumption. The heavier the weight, the more battery power you need. It would also be advisable to carry a replacement battery when traveling a longer distance.

Riding conditions, weather, and terrain can also affect your battery life. If you want to keep your battery consumption low, keep the load lighter. Consider using a route with low inclines and maintaining a constant speed.

  • Solid Brakes

Your E-bike must have a solid braking system, more so when you plan to pull a trailer. An E-bike with disc brakes is your best bet. The weather can be nasty, the road can have a lousy terrain for your safety, and others ensure that your braking system is sound.

  • Other features

One feature you should confirm is whether your E-bike has been certified by the manufacturer for pulling a trailer. It would be advisable to confirm this even before buying.

How to Attach a Trailer to an Electric Bike? 

When you attach your bike trailer to your E-bike, you don’t have to worry. When done correctly, it is not a complicated procedure. Take a look at how you can easily attach a trailer to an electric bike.

  • You need to expand your coupler: Most often, your E-bike will have a 12mm axle, whereas the coupler will be 10mm. You will need to expand it. Use a wrench, a drill bit, and a drill.
  • Drill your coupler: Using the wrench, loosen the bolt covering the E-bikes axle, and let it remain bare. As you drill the coupler, you need to keep on checking whether it will fit appropriately with the e-bikes axle.
  • Confirm that the coupler fits: The drilled coupler should work perfectly with the e-bikes axle and should neither be too loose nor too tight.
  • Return the bolt: While using your hand to hold the coupler, screw the bolt back in place. Make sure you have tightened the bolt firmly.

Safety Tips When Pulling a Trailer with an E-Bike

Mother riding a E-Bike with child trailer

When you finally decide to tow a trailer, keep in mind that you are not alone. It’s essential to think about the load’s safety, especially if you’re transporting children or pets.

Some of the safety features that you must keep in mind are:

  • Considering since that the added weight will make it harder to control your E-bike, it is advisable to ride at a speed of 10mph. For safety, this is the best speed.
  • Make sure your E-bike is well maintained. A tune-up every 500 miles or after every six months would be in order. To keep the costs down, learn how to do the maintenance yourself.
  • When you are riding and have attached your trailer, don’t become over-reliant on your motor. Pedaling will give you better and safer control.
  • When pulling your trailer uphill, be sure to tie down your gear correctly. Strap it well to avoid loss. Of course, if your trailer is for kids and pets, make sure the trailer is well-attached.  

Why Your E-Bike Might Not Support a Bike Trailer 

You should not think that you can automatically attach your trailer just because you have an E-bike. There might be a possibility that your E-bike might not support your trailer.  

Most manufacturers will do anything possible to ensure that their trailers work with the bike you have. Most bike trailers come with a coupler and a hitch arm, making it simple to attach to any E-bike.

Here is what to look for:

  • Your E-bike has Thru-axle wheels: You will mainly find Thru-axles in newer e-bikes with disc brakes. They pass through the hub of the wheel direct into the frame. A thru-axle is too large in diameter to fit a standard couple attachment.

The reason is that initially, most manufacturers designed the trailer hitch coupler system with the quick release in mind. However, this is changing. You will need to buy a Thru-axle adapter for your trailer to attach.

  • Your E-bike has hooded dropouts: A hooded drop out is a type of frame that comes out a bit over the axle hole. The hooded dropout can lead to your bike trailer coupler not fitting. You will need to purchase spacers to have enough space to attach the coupler.

Alternatives to E-Bike Trailers

If you don’t like the concept of towing a trailer, you’ll be relieved to learn that there is another option.

  1. Electric cargo bikes

Electric cargo bikes are large electric-powered cycles with large storage areas. Most people will use them to transport their kids or heavy loads. They have a longer wheelbase than your standard bike or E-bike.

The bikes may have two or three wheels, with space for the cargo either at the back or the front. The electric cargo bikes have been fitted with a pedal-assist to make carrying loads more comfortable.

Electric cargo bikes have a certain sturdiness that the other bikes don’t have. Of course, its carrying capacity is a few hundred pounds, with every cycle having its limit. They are very versatile so that you can carry your kids regardless of age or size.

You can expect to find several on Amazon, but here is one we recommend Schwinn Meridian Adult Tricycle (on Amazon).

2. Electric push trailers

Though not typically found, it has a cargo deck under which you can fix the battery for the motor. The rear hub system can use lead-acid batteries or the much-preferred Lithium-Ion. The seat post has been attached a folding tow arm for ease of use.

This push trailer is best for a person who uses a standard bike rather than an E-bike.

Best Trailers for E-Bikes 

If you still prefer to have a trailer attached to your E-bike, here are the best trailers.

1.) Burley Design COHO XC(on Amazon)

The Burley design trailer has a coil spring suspension, making the trailer stable. There is no structural stress, which makes it easier for you to have a smooth ride over rough terrain.

Among an extensive range of trailers, it has the best hitching system. The system allows for quick and easy installation and removal. It has removable panels. The kickstand, whose height can be adjusted, holds the bike and the trailer upright, making it easy to load and unload your cargo.

The downside is that you need to purchase a Burley axle that is sold separately.

2.) Retrospec Rover Hauler (on Amazon)

One of the most attractive things about the Retrospec rover hauler is its fabric which can survive in any climate. So your cargo stays protected in any type of weather.

Though not recommended with bikes that have Thru-axle, you can generally use it with any adult bike. It has internal 4 points D-rings in its base, giving your gear additional security and safety while on the road.

The Rover has one of the largest carrying capacities. You can carry everything from toys, textbooks, gear, food, and many other bulky goods. It can also be easily folded into a compact form when not in use.


Even with a simple E-bike, you have seen that you can easily attach a trailer. It is a great option to consider because linking a trailer makes it easy to transport your children, dogs, and cargo when riding your E-bike.